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8th Jun 2009, 16:59
If a PPL student was to transfer schools, let's say for arguments sake at c20-25 hrs (and due to move of home or change of job elsewhere in the country and nothing to do with the flying school, i.e. they left on good terms) would it be considered normal practise for the first school to send on the student training records notes to the next school as a matter of course?

How many schools do this and how many don't? Is it normal to charge an administration fee to the other flying school for doing this? Is it right to charge, and if so, up to how much?


9th Jun 2009, 06:23
A Training Provider is required to retain records of all flight training given for a period of time therefore, the original records should not be transferred to another organisation. A copy of the training records may be sent to another training provider when a student changes schools. Some may do this willingly, others often are reluctant to do so. Some may charges a fee, others may not.

From the students perspective it is important that:

a. Any training received is shown in your log book and certified by the organisation providing it.

b. Any exams taken are recorded on the FCL-JAR102 (SRG1105) and signed by the Examiner. If you failed any, you should also have a F252.