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4th Oct 2001, 10:37
BA should revert back to its roots.
BEA as a low cost European airline taking on Easy,Go,and Ryan.Slash horrendous head office costs NOW whilst they have the opportunity and use Southwest's costs as a benchmark. Use yield management to determine seat prices.With all the slots they have they would bring competition to the above three who are making a fool out of
BA's management and rubbing their nose in the proverbial.
BOAC as long haul on better matgin.
Have they got the balls to do this??
Methinks not.

4th Oct 2001, 15:25
Reopen the Hythe base - take the Sandringham out of the Southampton museum and Bob's your uncle. White gloves forever!

4th Oct 2001, 16:05
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
4th Oct 2001, 16:17
Ah yes!

There's a Comet 4 still in flying condidtion - it'd look great in BOAC white and blue, with such a highly polished finish you could shave in it. Ditto with one of those RAF Supr VC10s - how about BOAC Cunard, White and blue with gold lettering?

That Trident rotting away at Hatfield could be refurbished - red wings over Heathrow again!

Anyone know where there's an Argonaut in flying condition??? :~))


Plane Speaker
4th Oct 2001, 16:43
Shaggy Driver, I haven't seen the Trident at Hatfield recently, but there are lots of new buildings being erected.
The old buildings used to make the Comet Trident and 146 have been demolished. Only the Flight Test Hangar has remained.
Maybe the Trident's in the Hangar.

4th Oct 2001, 17:12
Spooky !!!!! Just heard on Irish Radio 10 mins ago a serious proposal from the leader of one of the political parties over there to split Aer Ligus in two...a Transatlantic Operation and a European operation. Apparently this MIGHT make it easier to get round the EU's restrctions on State funding of airlines. Transatlantically, Aer Lingus are in competition with Delta and United(?) who will both benfit from US govermnt extra funding. Aer Lingus cash will run out next February or March.

Fr8t M8te
4th Oct 2001, 18:06
Aaaaah....Golden Era! When the Junior Jet Club had membership numbers and a fine set of wings to wear! (Better wings than my present employer too!)

Pic of OPJ in the front cover and a regular newsletter

Trips to Africa on Hermes, Argonauts, Strats and Britannias. Can see those exhaust stubs glowing in the dark even now......


4th Oct 2001, 20:37
Thing is, JP5A is quite correct. BA have never been able to operate short haul profitably, particularly outside of the LHR
money trough.

They should admit defeat and let those who know how to run regional short haul profitably, get on with it.

Methinks they believe they know it all though.

gas path
4th Oct 2001, 22:38
Brilliant Idea :cool:

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4th Oct 2001, 23:04
So thats why the front section of a Trident was being towed along the M8 earlier this evening!.........

4th Oct 2001, 23:57
Hmmm....well don't get too carried away. If the Strats return, the max weight REALLY has to be reduced because 115/145 avgas is not available anymore, and with 100LL, they LOSE 1000HP total on takeoff, and have to cruise 'round all day in autorich.
Not good!!

northern boy
5th Oct 2001, 00:05
And lets have large sections of the map coloured red again and if those fuzzy wuzzies on the North West frontier start creating, bomb the ******s!.

Theres honey for tea and Dennis Compton just scored six and if that mr Hitler dosn't start behaving like a gentleman we'll jolly well biff him on the nose..

pip pip!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
5th Oct 2001, 00:29

The Trident (AZWO) was on the apron at Hatfield. Couldn't see it last time I was there because new development on the old airfield blocked the view. Anyone know if it is??


5th Oct 2001, 01:00
Well, if you really feel like this why not bring back Imperial Airways and their HP 42's. They never lost a passenger you know. Good old Capt. O.P. Jones would get you to Paris and back to Croydon - even in QBI conditions. If the weather was even worse that this he would land in a field. If you were lucky, Mr. C. Chaplin would be on the flight and would entertain you while you waited for the weather to improve!!

Have fun!

5th Oct 2001, 02:21
Yes I'm welling up - pass the kleenex. Those were the days when you called up to get the names of the crew before you made a reservation. After all who would want to have a night stop in cairo with people you didnt know? Imperial Airways - BOAC - the captain staying in a different hotel to the rest of the crew - yes yes yes - bring it all back - thats what were good at - not this low cost stuff where all those people who shouldnt be allowed to fly buy cheap tickets and go off all over the place. remember those days - days before the Govenor started posting - AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHH back to reality (virtual reality in the Guvs case - but we love him really!!!!)

Im off now - my Junoir Jet club newsletter has just been hand delivered - and its time for bed........................

5th Oct 2001, 03:03
Oh dear ,looks like we at British European
( part of Walker Aviation) have bushwacked your old name! - better think of something new to name your new BEA - The low cost flag carrier.Com!

5th Oct 2001, 06:32
Oh God, gas path, why did you have to show that bloody 747 THING! Don't you realise that life was much more civilised with VC10s and 707s when Sir Giles Guthrie was in charge and the "Gels" were "Gels." (Especially in those sexy "bumfreezer" uniforms.) Whilst we're on the subject, can anyone recall who the other five members of the "Easy Six" were, APART from "Naughty Isobel."