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2nd Apr 2001, 18:49
As it stands at the moment are BA euroGatwick pilots allowed to bid for BA mainline fleets?

2nd Apr 2001, 19:20
BA EOG pilots are on the BA Seniority list, and bid into / out of EOG / Mainline as any other pilot does e.g. with 4 year freezes etc.

Just while they are at EOG they work to a different payscale, scheduling agreement allowances etc.

That's the broad brush anyway...

2nd Apr 2001, 19:26
So if they are on different pay why would any of mainline want to work for EuroGatwick?

2nd Apr 2001, 19:28
EOG has sometimes been known as EGO. Basically it gets them an early command.

Sierra One
2nd Apr 2001, 20:23
BA EOG pilots are nearly all BA mainline pilots seconded to EOG. They are all on Mainline Pay and Flying Hour Rate (salaries capped at Pay point 18. The only differences are in the allowance system (approx. 2.00for each hour on duty) and No Bidline Scheduling System. Carmen Preferential System instead.

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