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2nd Apr 2001, 17:42
For those in the UK & EU who are ready to stand-up to management, the following links allow some insight as to the lengths some managements are willing to go to suppress your union. Mr. Levitt's book "Confessions of a Union Buster" is outstanding. It's straight out of management's playbook, written by a guy who used to be a professional union buster.

It's going to be a really ugly next year here in the states for the aviation industry. It appears that management is again going to shoot their own feet off (like CEO Goodwin did at UAL last summer). Goodwin draws up a schedule he knows he can't fly without voluntary pilot overtime, yet he stone-walls the pilots on contract negotiations!!! What an idiot! What did he think was going to happen! The result is that Goodwin's stupidity cost UAL alot of customer ill-will and a MORE expensive contract with the pilots in the end. Go figure. It appears that DAL is hell-bent on taking the same strategy as Goodwin. AAL is giving the APA the "bums rush" on the buy of bankrupt TWA, and the APA isn't biting on it.

The audio interview with Levitt (realplayer, about 55 minutes) ought to be required listening for all professional pilots.

All the best to you guys at Lufthansa.

I'd be interested in the UK/EU perspective on this interview.



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2nd Apr 2001, 18:03
Thanks Roadtrip!

Will look into it.

(Telekom will love my phonebill this month..)

2nd Apr 2001, 19:50
Listended to it. JUST GREAT!!

Thanks again Roadtrip! This was very valuable to us!

If you are in Germany, come by for a beer!

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3rd Apr 2001, 00:56

My God....Australia 89....its all there