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1st May 2009, 03:34
Hi Guy's,

I would appreciate if you can kindly advise me if I can buy ready made lesson plans for the CFI & CFII course ASAP. I am in Pompano, Florida. Your help will be really appreciated.


1st May 2009, 09:30
you can find some . look at asa ect....and some private edition
but a lesson plan is a tool for you to teach so better do it yourself .so you can put everything you are not confortable with (for the moment).
good luck...

1st May 2009, 20:31

This is what you need: Flight Instructors Manual (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flight-Instructors-Manual-R-D-Campbell/dp/1898567050/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1241209826&sr=8-1) by R.D. Campbell , you'll get it from an online bookshop like amazon.

3rd May 2009, 16:07
The whole point of writing your own lesson plans is so that you can figure out what needs to be in them and why.
That's the only way you learn something from them. Buying the book and copying the plans won't teach you anything.
Do yourself and your students a favour and create your own lesson plans, then pass that hard earned knowledge on to your students.

4th May 2009, 00:14
I could send you all my lesson plans if you want, but I doubt you will benefit much from it. IMO, a lesson plan is very individual and I wrote mine to fit my needs. To teach effectively you need to know your own LP. I use it only as a back-up when I run out of words. Doing all the LPs for the CFI takes some time & effort - why I can understand you need something fast - but is well worth it.

Just my 2 cents worth..

4th May 2009, 02:39
Hi There,

I would really appreciate if you can kindly help me out. I totally agree with you about making your lesson plans. I can use your lesson plans as a guide which would help me to get a bit creative in making my own. my id is [email protected]. Any help from your side will be really appreciated. I am in Pompano, Florida.

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4th May 2009, 09:33
download this one:

Derek W Beck's Flight Resources - Holding Tutorial (http://flight.cartala.com/index.php?type=t&id=Holding)

use this as a model, make annotation on it for your local area, and keep it in a binder.

take your time when teaching, you are paid per hour;)...and keep it simple....