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11th Apr 2009, 03:19
Hi guys:
Question on the A320. If you begin a go-around above the acceleration altitude, when would the speed mode change from SRS to SPEED again?
Do we have to do something to take it our of the SRS mode?

11th Apr 2009, 03:29
mmm.. I guess when you change from TOGA, to climb detent

Bruce Waddington
11th Apr 2009, 07:28

I haven't flown the 'Bus since the end of 2007, but here is information from my old manual on the above topic.

Go-around mode combines the Speed Reference System (SRS) vertical mode with the Go-Around Track (GA TRK) lateral mode.

Setting at least one thrust lever to the TOGA detent engages both SRS/GA TRK modes, if:
– The flaps lever is at least in position 1, and
– The aircraft is in flight, or
– The aircraft has been on the ground for less than 30 seconds (AP disengages and can be reengaged 5 seconds after liftoff).

The FMA displays “SRS” and “GA TRK” in green.
FD bars are automatically restored in SRS/GA TRK modes.
If FPD-FPV was selected for approach, it reverts to FD bars.

– The SRS mode disengages :
– Automatically, if ALT* or ALT CST* mode engages (above 400 feet RA).
– If the flight crew engages another vertical mode.
– If the flight crew selects a speed while in SRS mode : SRS reverts to OP CLB mode and a triple-click aural warning is heard.

Note: The SRS mode does not automatically disengage when climbing through the GA
ACC ALT. The pilot has to manually engage OP CLB mode to increase the speed target to Green Dot speed.

Note: In Engine Out conditions, the SRS mode does not automatically disengage at EO
ACC ALT. Refer to Engine Out procedures.

– GA TRK disengages when the pilot engages another lateral mode above 100 feet RA.
In dual AP configuration, disengagement of the go-around mode, on either axis, causes AP2
to disconnect."

That should answer your question (please excuse the formatting)

Best regards,

Bruce Waddington