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6th Apr 2009, 03:15
Hi all,

Wanting to get more knowledge about an aircraft piston engine supercharger, does any have or know where to find an internal picture of a supercharger with parts shown on a diagram ie the compressor/inlet etc....?

Thank you.

6th Apr 2009, 05:11
This image is from my Aircraft Systems CPL book. Hope the image hosting website stays up.......


6th Apr 2009, 05:23
A fine point perhaps, nevertheless...the diagram is that of a turbosupercharger, not a 'supercharger.'

Of course, perhaps turbo is what the original poster intended...:rolleyes:

6th Apr 2009, 06:11
No I 100% meant supercharger ie (internal turbocharger)!!!!

Old Fella
6th Apr 2009, 06:21
Downwind. If you look at the Turbo-charger depicted in the post from aditya104, the difference between a gear driven supercharger and the turbo charger is that the impeller/impellers is/are driven by exhaust gasses driving a turbine in the turbocharger application. The induction air stream is still ambient air drawn in and compressed which may or not then pass through an inter-cooler. Have a look at a RR Merlin engine or a Pratt & Whitney R1830 to see a couple of "Supercharger" installations. These are geardriven type superchargers.

6th Apr 2009, 07:41