View Full Version : Avro at Caticlan

4th Apr 2009, 17:42
I wonder if someone have informations about the Avro that was used at Caticlan, did they take-off with pax restrictions and with brakes? And was it only BAe 146-100 or 146-200 too? If it was only -100, is it possible with -200 too?
Thanks in advance

4th Apr 2009, 23:57
Can someone that know a bit about 146-200 answer if itīs possible to operate it from 880m in ISA and no rwy slope for 40min? With or without pax restrictions. Thanks!

6th Apr 2009, 02:08
Asian Spirit only used the 146-100 to Caticlan, and it was restricted to 60 seats.

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