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3rd Oct 2001, 12:37
Good Morning Ppruners,
My daytime job here in the UK is the running of very large transport vehicles, between the UK and the continent, in order to do this we in the haulage industry are regulated and licensed by the Ministry of Transport, and our continental pals are regulated likewise, before anyone can start in the Road Haulage Industry we have to prove beyond any doubt that we have the ready cash and funds available to cover any situation, including that of no work for weeks on end(makes a mess of your forcasts) and at irregular intervals we can be asked to provide proof that this financial security is still available, we have to re-register every 5 years and go through all the same routine of proof again, this has been a system put together by the Transport Ministry's of the EU in order to stop Cowboys setting up and then leaving a trail of debt and enviromental problems all over the relevent area where they work, it works nearly perfectly,
Why then are we hearing the daily bleatings of the major aircarriers making such statement as "We have run out of money" is there no requirement for any of the seemingly cowboy air operators to have huge financial back up, Servicing of any passenger or freight a/c must be immense but are these people and companies running so near to the bone as to not be able to stand any quiet periods or downturns in turnover,(indeed are they running safe,) and if this is the case, how safe are we the SLF who are paying for their services, in other words are they safe to fly, and to trade!Despite all the junk that we are fed about the airlines being overegulated, where's the wool on their backs, or has it all gone!

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