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Check Airman
3rd Apr 2009, 14:37
Browsing youtube, I cam across 2 KLM MD11 videos where the a new FO takes the right seat during the taxi to the runway. Can anybody who knows KLM procedures explain why this is done? It seems rather strange.

In the first video, at 5:00 we see the SO (presumably, from the 2 bars) change seats with the FO (3 bars). Even stranger, the SO continues to read the checklist from the jumpseat.
YouTube - MD-11 COCKPITVIDEO ARUBA to CURACAO (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtHWYTZR8gU)

The second video shows the change at ~7min.
YouTube - MD-11 PILOTS FROM EX "ALM CURACAO" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrynkhcf-xU)

This seems like a pretty strange thing to do. Why is it done, and do they still do it?


3rd Apr 2009, 15:00
If you look at the You Tube page of the first video below the video are the comments and someone has asked the same question.

The Question (posted in the comments):

'' in the video, what do you mean by "now the REAL copilot istaking place"?? who was the guy who was sitting in copilot seat first? was it just a friend who is not a pilot? i hope not because he was doing the checklists :D ''

In response the author posted this;

'' Ha-haaa! I can imagine your precupation!
This guy the first guy belong officialy to the flightcrew,but was not yet a full "First officer" Here in Holland we call them a "Co-Co Pilot"!They are allowed to perform start-up with the Captain,taxiing,and doing radio;are licenced with simulator training,but not yet ready to perform takeoff and landings.The other guy,was the real co-pilot on that flight. and at that moment he had even the rating as a MD-82 Captain! Thanks for your precupation. ''


3rd Apr 2009, 19:33
SQ did this same scenario many years ago, on B707 aircraft.
Good training for the young new guys...and gals.

This was followed with the new guy taking the RHS at 5000 feet climbing, to perform enroute duties.

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