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1st Apr 2001, 15:08
I guess it was only a matter of time...


April 01, 2001

Mid-South Airlines introduce new uniform for senior pilots

Houston -- Mid-South Airlines, the pioneering low-cost Texas-based airline, have again cocked a snoot at the majors, by introducing a new uniform for their senior pilots.

CEO and founder, Paul Y. Legg, said:

"Traditionally the number of stripes on a pilot's shoulder indicates his seniority or experience. Strangely however, only co-pilots differ, with one, two or three stripes depending on whether they are second officers, first officers or senior first officers. Captains all have four stripes.

"We thought it was time to recognize some of our more experienced training captains, fleet managers, and chief pilot. So from now on our uniform will consist of the following:

Line Captains: 4 stripes
Training Captains: 5 stripes
Fleet Managers: 6 stripes
Chief Pilot: 7 stripes

"We think this is the best way for the public to recognise our more experienced Captains.

"It confirms that all Chief Pilot's will need super-broad shoulders, and also explains how they manage to keep such a large chip on it."

(c) 2001 Reutgers News Agency

1st Apr 2001, 15:18
Now remind me......What day is it ??? ;)

1st Apr 2001, 18:28
Wouldn't it be cheaper to give the chief a golden arm with a small stripe of black or blue on the arm. Or better yet give him a golden jacket and leave the black or blue completely out all together.

1st Apr 2001, 19:44

At last a way of rewarding ex mil types who join BA but can't handle the fact they're bottom of the seniority list and wear 2 stripes. Now we can give them 5 or six stripes.
Oh and ex Britannia captain as well.


1st Apr 2001, 20:50
Mid-South Airlines??? Who's that? Never heard of them. More management buffoonery. I'll be that their "7" striper couldn't get a job as a copilot with a US major. US major already distinguish Capts, and Check Airmen, with a star and wreath on the wings. I don't think we need to make our pilots look like Banana Republic corporals.

1st Apr 2001, 22:09
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Sleeve Wing
2nd Apr 2001, 00:25
Nice one, Zulu.
If you can't earn their respect,I suppose you have to advertize !!

Poisson d'Avril !!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

2nd Apr 2001, 00:27
Six and seven stripes? Jeez, one little sniffle, and you'd rip the nose right off yer face!

2nd Apr 2001, 10:11
Since they are a cost-cutting Airline, why don't they make large name plate type badges with "CHIEF" & "PILOT" in big bold letters and place it on either side of their shirts neatly across their chest. Cheaper than redesigning an entire uniform!


2nd Apr 2001, 11:22
What's the date??.......

2nd Apr 2001, 12:10
Nah, if a five+ striper is called into the office to be reamed out by the seven+ striper over some matter of operational consequence, the boss can "cut 'im orf at the elbow" an' he'll still be an FO! Talk about cost savings!

And I still can't believe some respondents to this thread didn't check the date before replying. Nice one, Zulu.

2nd Apr 2001, 14:32
Ha ha, why don't they give them a year's supply of Crunchie bars as part of their salary package, and they can tape one to each shoulder before they go to work.

Hope they don't melt on the way to the airport...

2nd Apr 2001, 19:08
Hot&Heavy... surely they couldn't spend that much on crew food!