View Full Version : NPPL Instructor rating??

29th Mar 2009, 14:40
Hello, Could anyone shed some light on the prospect of an NPPL Instructor rating? I have been hearing stories for years about "if" or "when" such a rating may be introduced. I am a NPPL holder and would, in the near future be able to gain such a rating, and what is the general opinion of such an endorsement??Thanks!

29th Mar 2009, 16:05
The only instructor rating that you can hold on a NPPL are the Microlight and SLMG instructors. There are no plans to add any other ratings as the NPPL is likely to be replaced by the Leisure Pilots Licence (LPL) when EASA finally take over. It is proposed that you will be able to add a Light Aircraft Flight instructor (LAFI) rating to an EASA LPL.