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Dr. Evil
27th Mar 2009, 19:35
A new contract was awarded to Serco Middle East at Abu Dhabi Int'l Airport for the TWR/APP ATCOs (and others) on the 26 March.

Starting salary in AED (1$ = 3,67 AED) for expatriates ATCOs without kids:

Basic: 220,000
Facilities Allowance: 120,000
Accommodation: 200,000
Transportation: 18,000
Furniture: 10,000
Utilities: 14,000

NEW package: 582,000 annually or 48,500 per month
OLD package: 386,600 annually or 32,217 per month


For ATCOs with kids the Accommodation Allowance is 240,000.

Additional benefits are:
- Annual air tickets to point of hire
- Annual paid leave of 56 calendar days
- Life and Medical Insurance
- Education allowance (ATCOs with kids)
- End of Service Gratuity

28th Mar 2009, 05:24
Good to see those chaps getting an increase, but still in terms of bench-marking seems not enough.

Currently at Doha Radar the yearly Salary (even whilst under dual training) is already QR420 000 p.a.

The accommodation allowance is QR300 000 p.a. - (paid / provided by company). In total p.a. - QR720 000

28th Mar 2009, 07:36
Congrats for your recent increase in salary Dr.Evil, hope that this justifies your thinking that all controllers are equal and therefore should be paid the same (you are nearly there with these figures keep at it one day you will get there). May this be just the start of many many increases for you over there.

Just one question though, is this blatant publication of figures a recruitment stunt for Abu Dhabi or it has been such a long time coming that you had to show us how much sweeties you are getting to overcome the inferiority complex you might have??

I think your straight demo of salaries on a forum (especially when not called for) is childish and totally unprofessional but hey thats just my opinion.

Well done anyway. Maybe I will apply someday when I will no longer be able to handle the traffic levels over here.:}

28th Mar 2009, 11:30
Steady on Falcon, salaries have been openly discussed on many an occasion here, at times resulting in somewhat lengthy threads and moreover in many respects quite usefull for prospective employees of one contractor or the other.

Maintaing 2 ratings deserves recognition and that is what they achieved, stating it on an open forum whether for recruiting purposes or merely for comment is as far as I know, to date, not yet in contravention of the spirit of this forum. If it is I am sure it will be zoned in on rather rapidly by one of the monitors.

I would venture that regular comparisons only serves to strengthen the competitive nature of ATC employment, which by all standards today are run as a business, irrespective of where that may be.

28th Mar 2009, 16:04
Dr Evil. I guess it cost a lot of fighting to get the contract signed. Well done. :ok: No wonder the :} on the Serco guys faces

28th Mar 2009, 16:21
Dr Evil,
well done mate there is nothing childish or wrong with putting the salaries on this forum ,it might mean one day you could be really hounoured and have thefalcon work with you.:yuk: if his ego can no longer handle the traffic.

28th Mar 2009, 18:13
the falcon - to use your words Dr Evil was merely "quoting facts"
Keep looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are your favorite person.
We all work the traffic that comes our way , but some of us do not need keep telling ourselves what great peolple we are. But hey if you need to, to make it through the day. SERCO, worked abroad been there done that.
Just mature enough to realise its courses for horses.

1st Apr 2009, 17:01
Dr.Evil & all our mates down the Road, well done & congrats on your long overdue payrise! Wish all of you & other colleagues across the globe a similar % payrise.......

Though I must still add 'So Close - but yet so far'......

Mind you, at least you got something which was long overdue, just up the road, next door, we got nothin, even though we had been told verbally that some sort of increase should be coming our way, to reflect the inflation.....

But all we got was - INDISPENSABLE......:{

Scooby Don't
1st Apr 2009, 18:18
Prowler, please, you're supposed to speak English to ICAO level 5 or above, aren't you? Since the same error appears in the Dubai/UAE thread, I believe it is time to put it right.

No one is indispensible. As in, everyone is dispensible.

1st Apr 2009, 21:23
No wonder the http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/badteeth.gif on the Serco guys faces Voel : the contract is also Serco what are you talking about?

trafficnotsighted: Are you Dr.Evil's guardian angel? It took you two posts to write your insults which probably explains a bit about how you fail to understand anything.
You probably haven't seen other posts by Dr.Evil or you are so much up his creek that your eyes are probably sealed with c..p.

The facts remain that Dubai is busier so live with it. But hey it must be hard for someone like you coming from a country that provides the creme de la creme of ATCO's to be in Abu Dhabi. Trying to make people look like they have some sort of ego certainly asserts that so stop looking in the mirror yrself mate.

I am sincerely happy with the increase you got and I wish you well. Still putting them on a forum without anyone asking is infantile.:= Its like a child showing everyone the christmas present he just got. You must be pretty bored down there :D

1st Apr 2009, 22:03
@<hidden> Don't

Prowler, please, you're supposed to speak English to ICAO level 5 or above, aren't you? Since the same error appears in the Dubai/UAE thread, I believe it is time to put it right.

No one is indispensible. As in, everyone is dispensible.

hey mate,

before you dare correct my English, I guess it's better to look at your own English Grammar.....:yuk:

Secondly, although I have Level 6 by default, I admit that my typing skills are not so shiny......so excuse me if you didn't get the message across! Perhaps it's about time I change my laptop for a bigger keyboard, to avoid any unnecessary replies.....who knows perhaps if we are lucky next year, we might get a pay rise or at least a new laptop......INSH'ALLAH.....

And not to hi-jack this thread, again congrats to our mates down the road in AUH for their pay rise!

Cheers bro's...

Scooby Don't
2nd Apr 2009, 09:13
I would rather make a spelling error than use the opposite of the word I actually intend to use. I would also rather know the difference between spelling and grammer than be a pure spelling pedant.

Anyhoo, in accord with the general mood, congrats to Abu Dhabi! Just don't blow the lot on speeding fines. :ok:

2nd Apr 2009, 11:12
thefalcon- keep digging the hole its getting bigger. Why did you remove a post on this subject, i thought initially you had done so because you realised what a*** you were making of yourself. Your last post shows otherwise.:ok:.

PS - I give up you are right, "who works the most traffic"
"who earns the most money" "my dads bigger than you dad" etc.
is what matters in life.

2nd Apr 2009, 13:07
No wonder the http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/badteeth.gif on the Serco guys faces

Falcon, that looks like a smile to me. They just lost some teeth because of their nailbiting fight

2nd Apr 2009, 17:01
Congrats2our colleagues down the road... ready to offer us some beers??

2nd Apr 2009, 17:04
There I had to delete another post. You are beyond any form of sense and rationality :ugh:

Dr. Evil
3rd Apr 2009, 09:25
To Yahoo!:

No changes, you still need both ratings for Abu Dhabi (OMAA) but for a smaller Abu Dhabi Airport called Al Bateen (OMAD), which is on the Abu Dhabi Island a TWR rating is enough. Check for contacts on Abu Dhabi Airports Company (http://www.adac.ae)

3rd Apr 2009, 15:44
OMAA - Abu Dhabi - TWR/APP - Managed by SERCO

OMAD - Bateen - TWR - New Company - ADAC


2 different contracts altogether!

ali atc
4th Apr 2009, 05:32
Any jobs going for App rated at the moment?

4th Apr 2009, 17:19
Abu Dhabi APP and TWR is managed by both ADAC and Serco :ok:

10th Apr 2009, 02:09

If any of the controllers at Abu Dhabi could just send me a pm so i could get a few bits of information about the procedures at Abu Dhabi that would be great. Its all to help with out virtual net work call Vatsim which strives to be v realistic as posible.

Thanks very much

10th Apr 2009, 19:45
Hi Yurid,

This is not about OMAA procedures, but have you heard about the OMAA free Flytampa scenery :ok:
New Scenery for Abu Dhabi up to come (http://ae.forum.ivao.aero/index.php/topic,78937.0.html)

IVAO - United Arab Emirates Division - International Virtual Aviation Organisation (http://ae.ivao.aero/) :E

1st Jul 2009, 21:24
I would also appreciate any info on Abu Dhabi, I'm Tower and Approach but not Radar. Does the package mentioned in the beginning by Dr Evil stand? Any prediction on openings?

Dr. Evil
6th Jul 2009, 17:02
You'll need to be rated both TWR and APP RADAR for Abu Dhabi Intl Airport.
Al Ain Ariport some 150 kms away from Abu D and Dubai is TWR and APP only. Contact Serco Middle East if interested.

22nd Feb 2010, 17:39
Confirm the package nowadays for AUH APP/TWR and Al Ain beehive?

Desert Hunter
11th Jun 2010, 19:08
If any of the ATCOs at Al Bateen read this, could you send me a PM please? I'm on the hunt for some info. Thanks.

Guy D'ageradar
12th Jun 2010, 05:58
Can't confirm if it's still the same but Bateen used to be just an extra validation for the AD tower/approach guys.

12th Jun 2010, 12:41
Your comment: "Still putting them on a forum without anyone asking is infantile".
Disagree with you there.

CuitoCuanavale is correct.
All the Gulf ANSPs keep a close eye on each other's pay packages, none more so than SERCO whose oft quoted Mantra is "to pay the going rate, no more or no less than is required to attract suitably qualified staff to their units".
Ask yourself how they would know the "going rate", duh!

As a corollary it is reasonable that people seeking employment should have access to details of the packages available.
At the last SERCO - Abu Dhabi contract renewal I published the then figures with a view to nudging the GCAA to rethink their remuneration package. It was a successful ploy.

Also, for those working in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi the UAE government publishes the equivalent of the UK civil list of Government employees pay.

Should you so wish it you can go downtown and find out the DG's emolument!

Congrats to Abu Dhabi on their raise.


To infinity and beyond and, hopefully, back in time for a pint of Theakstons Old Peculiar.

12th Jun 2010, 19:32
To infinity and beyond obviously took a little longer than expected.:rolleyes:

15th Jun 2010, 13:17
Rule 3
Too long, indeed.
Yep, that unpredictable improbabilty drive and the associated Bistro Mathematics.
Somewhat like the "Gruesome twosome" are undergoing with their Flow Management Programme to fit in the recent Emirates airplane order!
Now their plans definitely fit into the improbability curve.

Who Hoo!


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