View Full Version : Time expired ground exams.

Horst Schwul
25th Mar 2009, 10:29
Student has just gone over his two years 'grace' period for getting the licence application to the CAA after completing his JAA PPL ground examinations. Still a bit of flying left to do as well.

Deshalb, none of his passes can be within the 18 month period any more.

I'm thinking I have to tell the poor fellow that he has to do the whole lot again. Am I correct?



25th Mar 2009, 16:09
Yep, mine ran out last october so i retook them all upto xmas and have just finally got a test and passed it first time.

I would always reccommend that one easy exam is left to be done just before test as long as its in the 18 month period, then you have 2 years if you need it.

My mistake was doing all the exams right at the begining and trusting the british weather ! You live and learn.

26th Mar 2009, 20:32
Just think, 10 years ago they all had to be passed within 12 months and were only valid for 12 months! Quite a few people managed all 3 papers!

Horst Schwul
26th Mar 2009, 20:51
Danke, beide.