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25th Mar 2009, 10:02
Hello Everyone. I am about to start an FI rating and am curious as to how much flying you can actually get done. Given the following circumstances, how much flying would you normally do in an average summer month and average winter month ?

- Working 6 days/week, including weekends
- Willing to work long days
- Fairly busy PPL school

Of course I realise that external factors such as weather have a huge impact but just looking for rough estimations and your own experiences. :ok:

Horst Schwul
25th Mar 2009, 10:20
External factors such as being shagged at the end of the working week?

On average, the last couple of years have seen me do somewhere in the region of 650 per year.

Reasonably busy school, 5 days a week (including weekends). Not too many long days and a few nights thrown in.

Best month was about 80, worst was about 30.

So many factors to affect it though.



26th Mar 2009, 19:46
In an ideal scenario, which rarely happens, you could get 30hrs a week, you'd need:
Perfect weather, well prepared students, a very busy school, be very well organised yourself, plan your refuels skillfully, and to work into the evening.

Some instructors achieve this by skimping on pre flight briefings, try not to do this, and do look after yourself if your into the 6th hr in the circuit in the same day.

In reality, best to plan on 15hrs a week at a fairly busy school and be prepared for less in the current financial climate which is affecting people entering flying training.

Plus, I hope you have a job offer for when your finished.