View Full Version : Night instruction as part of the FI Rating Course

The Mixmaster
24th Mar 2009, 23:10
Alright guys, just a quick question. From looking at LASORS, in order to instruct at night, an FI needs 1 hour of flight training at night time and 2 hours of theoretical training with a recognised FIC instructor.

Can this one hour of night flying be incorporated into the 30 hours of the FI rating course, or is it necessary to do this in addition to the 30 hours???

25th Mar 2009, 06:59
It can be incorporated into the FIC course, it also saves you 80 to the CAA

25th Mar 2009, 07:40
.... and it is useful when an FI(R) for gaining those 25 solos.:ok:

25th Mar 2009, 08:49
.... and it is useful when an FI(R) for gaining those 25 solos.

But remember, the 'no first night solo' restriction applies.

The Mixmaster
25th Mar 2009, 09:44
Excellent news. Will make sure this gets incorporated into the course. Thanks very much for your help!:ok:

25th Mar 2009, 11:11
Technically, it should replace one of the Mutual hours; the night ground school was incorporated into the course in AL1 to JAR-FCL1, not many noticed that!