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24th Mar 2009, 21:20
Maybe some of you guys can help me or guide me in the right direction. What process do you need to go through to establish a CAA/JAA flight course to an already existant FAA flight school. Who do you contact? What paperwork do you need to fill out?

24th Mar 2009, 21:34
The JAA is almost defunct and the UK and the rest of Europe is moving towards EASA regulation. There are two document that list the current approval requirements for a CAA/JAA course however the CAA only approved UK based companies, any non UK based company must apply directly to the JAA who will cease to exist on the 30 June 2009 thereafter it will be to EASA in Cologne.

Under the EASA rules all Flight Instructors will have to be qualified in accordance with JAR-FCL.

24th Mar 2009, 22:59
Before you go converting hard earned dollars into Euros!!!

If you have a master plan which will get you 100% profit on JAA flight training the USA I would say go for it!

If you live in the real world of flight training and pay all your bills and look after your machines and staff in a correct manner you will be like the rest of the industry and be pleased with your efforts for making >5%!

I would forget it until the JAA to EASA dust has settled and you have not wasted thousands on approvals which will be usless under EASA, and as said above your instructors may not be allowed to fly time towards EASA licences!

Anything in the NPA about airspace?

The changes may prevent many schools and instructors in the UK from doing what they currently do, I don't me moan :ok: I mean train towards JAA licences :mad:

On the other hand you could do lots and lots of research be well ahead of the game and be the only one or one of a handful of schools doing EASA pilot training! Never could keep my mouth shut :oh:

25th Mar 2009, 08:05
Anything in the NPA about airspace?
Yes overseas training is allowed.

25th Mar 2009, 23:29
I appreciate the inputs guys. Let me ask another question. What is an average pay for a fully qualifed JAA/CAA/EASA flight instructor?

26th Mar 2009, 00:30

At the moment you buy one you get one free apparently! but seriously UK schools/ instructors seem to be waiting to see what happens when things in the here are supposed to pick up spring/summer time. I think/ hope all will be ok this year and most schools will be busy as usual, the school I work at has had almost the same flying hours/ training number for the past eight years and we have just had the best Jan, Feb for many years! why?

Anyway, back to pay! there is a thread currently running on this very issue. Its as long as a piece of string, the pay is usually poor for new FI's, as you will see on other threads, but I think that most schools/ clubs and FI's get what they want from each other. I have seen lots of FI's who leave for commercial flying as soon as they just get to grips with the job and become useful! but thats life!

On the other hand a reasnable salary, visa and the California sunshine you should have them knocking at your door! Let me know when you have the approvals! :)

26th Mar 2009, 20:07
Anything from 10 per hour for PPL to 50+ per hour for FIC