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24th Mar 2009, 14:34
Hi everyone!

I got my FI rating just few days ago and Iīm starting to look for my first FI job,some advices about where can I look for it?
I would like to know around England,what do you think?


The Mixmaster
24th Mar 2009, 19:10
I visited North London FLying School at Panshanger the other day. They are looking for full time instructors. Good pay. Check the threads on here about them and go have a look at the place with an open mind. Seems to be like Marmite...yuo'll love it or hate it.

24th Mar 2009, 19:14
Cleveland Flying School based at Durham Tees Valley Airport are looking for instructors. Ive heard its a good professional outfit

24th Mar 2009, 20:35
Good luck in your search. nobody out there knows of any schools in the south of England, Portsmouth, Southampton area looking a QFI?

24th Mar 2009, 20:36
Careers page on Stapleford Flight Centre. Full and part time instructors required :ok:

24th Mar 2009, 20:57

The Portsmouth Southampton area is really duff as there are no airfields closer than Goodwood and Bournemouth offering any flying training.
If you are IRI qualified, you could try CTC at bournemouth. Otherwise, Shoreham is about an hours drive from Portsmouth and there are a couple of schools there worth trying.

Thruxton and Old Sarum are also within commuting distance and I know Old Sarum have just got some new aircraft in anticipation of the summer rush for flight training! Worth a try.

If you fancy mixing NPPL microlight with a little bit of group A, Solent Flight at Lower Upham might be worth a try.

good luck

Opsdog :ok:

30th Mar 2009, 19:59
Appreciate the reply and I'll check them out. It really seems pretty quiet out there, all round. What a difference one year can make.