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24th Mar 2009, 11:52
Gents and or Ladies
I am looking for a website for generic aircraft wiring diagrams. Can anybody help?
They do not have to be manufacturer or type specific.
Thanks in anticipation.

24th Mar 2009, 12:48
Sorry but wiring diagrams are not generic and are type specific due to different customer options and I can not see anyway you will get a hold of manufacturers, the only way you would get hold of them is if anyone had some downloaded on their hard drive and could fwd to you as they are expensive to buy.
good luck.

24th Mar 2009, 13:08
Wiring diagrams are more than simply type-specific. They're aircraft-specific.

Dual ground
24th Mar 2009, 13:31
Not sure exactly what you are after the diagrams for but a quick Google threw up this site. These appear to be diagrams for a kit aircraft. It's GA and the diagrams are not what I would call complicated but they maybe of some help.

Pflanzer's Pflying Pfactory - Wiring Diagrams 1 (http://www.pflanzer-aviation.com/WiringDiagrams.html)

Brian Abraham
25th Mar 2009, 03:46
What type aircraft are you interested in? Out of town for the next couple of weeks but after that could give you a typical single/twin engine prop fixed wing or twin transport category helicopter.

25th Mar 2009, 11:37
A very simplistic answer is to have a look at the wiring diagram for your car. The concept is similar, the details vary with the equipment fitted to the aircraft (or even the car).

The concepts are engine starting/management, power supply system, lighting, coms/entertainment. The complexity of the systems varies greatly. Old bi planes have next to no electrics, A380 has lots.

Death Pencil
25th Mar 2009, 12:20
www.smartcockpit.com (http://www.smartcockpit.com)

.. no generic wiring diagrams, but might be able to help you out...

james ozzie
25th Mar 2009, 20:27
Once you have obtained the diagrams you are looking for, you will be dismayed at the bewildering variety of drawing standards and symbols used in the electrical industry. It is country specific, industry specific and manufacturer specific. Yes, there are standards, but plenty of them!

27th Mar 2009, 13:52
Thankyou for the above
A friend of mine was in the car electrical industry is out of work (current world economic situation to blame) and was thinking of swerving across to our industry and was looking for some general instructive wiring diagrams to educate himself before approaching the industry,

Loose rivets
27th Mar 2009, 17:04
Pretty well impossible I would think.

If you mean to be prepared for an interview, then just get to know some of the basic philosophies. What is A/C wild used for, and the usual voltage you could expect. Frequency of the static inverters. Backup battery logic. The kind of power needed to heat glass at 500 kts in -50c air. Those kind of things. Looking at an aircraft's circuits would be futile IMO.

Every time I learned a new aircraft, I would re-draw the pilot's circuit. Remember, pilots only have to know the schematics. On a couple of occasions, my bosses liked it so much that it was put in the manual, with all the work needed to get it past the ministry of air, but for the most part, people just did not care.

Yep, it's something I have always felt strongly about.

When I briefly taught the ATR electrics, the factory course had been so mind-bogglingly bad, that I resolved to change the way it was taught. Showing a class the pictures of a thousand wires and then what happens when a relay closes, is just plain daft. After years in electronics, I had difficulty tracing what was going on, most of my colleagues just learned parrot-fashion.