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Bertie Bott
23rd Mar 2009, 11:35
I saw posted on Airliners.net in a thread about autopilot usage during severe turbulence someone who stated that they fly a heavily modified 707 with 737NG avionics. Does anyone have any info about this aircraft? Tail number, who uses it, etc?

Any help would be much appreciated.


23rd Mar 2009, 13:44
To the best of my knowledge, several were modified this way, but they are nearly all classified...in the military sense.

23rd Mar 2009, 20:45
Nothing that secret. At least the E-6B "Mercury" TACAMO (Navy flown, but on a joint USAF/Navy mission now to connect submarines, missile silos, and the cheerfully named "national command authority" in case the big ugly balloon ever goes up).

Photo of one here:


I know these guys have also done some stints orbiting over SW Asia (Iraq by another name) with some extra gear on board, helping with commo challenges there.

I've always wondered if this cockpit conversion was a one-off exercise for Boeing or if they planned to offer it to other 707 operators.


7th Apr 2009, 08:06
What's that John Travolta 707?

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