View Full Version : Aircraft rental in Singapore

22nd Mar 2009, 19:50
I'm off to Singapore and would like to fly the skies there. My web search for aircraft rental possibilities hasn't yielded anything positive results. Anyone out there with credible information regarding aircraft rental in Singapore? Any pointers will be appreciated. And, must I be in possession of any insurance to rent?:{


Molesworth 1
22nd Mar 2009, 21:43
There is one in Jahor Baru just over the causeway in Malaysia. Likely to be a lot cheaper than anything in Singapore.

23rd Mar 2009, 14:01
Thanks a lot for the information. I will for sure use one of them for a ride.:ok:


Fright Level
23rd Mar 2009, 19:12
Republic of Singapore Flying Club (http://www.singaporeflyingclub.com/) but be warned the GA airspace in Singapore is limited to about the size of an extended circuit!

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