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16th Mar 2009, 17:39
Where an aerodrome booklet has a table of standard minimas and a recent JAA minimas should you use the higher minima or the JAA minima.

Have done a search for this and couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance.

16th Mar 2009, 19:27
Not sure if this addresses your question but here goes anyway - in my company we have two sets of minima available in the aerodrome booklet, EU-OPs in some, and Jar-Ops in all.

Eu-Ops introduced a slightly different method of calculating RVR, and as such each airline has to decide whether to adopt the new minima or stick with the old JAR-OPs values - you cant pick and choose the best values from each.

Our particular supplier of charts hasn't yet updated all their booklets with Eu-Ops minima so our company has decided to continue using JAR-Ops until all the charts are available.

I believe Eu-Ops allows a 2 or 3 year period of grace for conversion to the new format before all European operators must use the new minima.

Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect or irrelevant :}

17th Mar 2009, 07:53
JAR ops minima is printed on the plate. Is the same true of EU ops minima....as our Jeps don't seem to have the source printed.

Pontius's Copilot
17th Mar 2009, 19:36
If the minima panel on the approach chart is labelled "STANDARD" (top left of the panel) then it uses new version EU-OPS 1.430 (I think), if the panel label is "JAR-OPS" then the minima are calculated using the JAR requirements - which also satisfy the 'old' EU-OPS requirements.

EU-OPS allows an EU-OPS operator to nominate either JAR or EU for its operating minima.

17th Mar 2009, 21:13
it is typically a question for which the answer is in your operation manual and nowhere else