View Full Version : BA M1 to Terminal 5

13th Mar 2009, 23:58

I was just wondering when I go Heathrow, I always see a few of the BA fleet going from M1 to Terminal 5 via Bravo etc. vise versa, what does this do to the Landing gears? thats at least a 2-3 mile treck at 10-15knts. Do they go through extra checks due to this and or is there any special procedures in place?

Do they use them tugs that raise the aircraft up onto a platform and tug it along?



14th Mar 2009, 10:29
It's all about saving money , they tow aircraft to the maintenance base now and park them up rather than leave them on stand.
The cost to BA for using a stand is done on aircraft type and for something like a 747 it can run into thousands per day.
The aircraft are all towed using towbarless tractors which lift the nose gear off the ground and tow along on the mains.