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13th Mar 2009, 01:31
......has anybody cocked up yet? :E

13th Mar 2009, 01:36
Don't talk BS

Foxy Loxy
13th Mar 2009, 01:36
If you're referring to the new ATSOCAS, yes. Most folk however seems to have some awareness of the change. One or two have been advised of such on R/T in the SW today.

13th Mar 2009, 09:59
I'm off flying today and through the edge of Shawbury MATZ ... should be entertaining? I've not even had my new RT CD yet :* ... thanks CAA. How am I supposed to know what's what now with the exception of searching through boring CAA websites? :ugh: Grrrrr!

13th Mar 2009, 10:49
It would have been more appropriate to introduce the change on April 1st :hmm:

Zulu Alpha
13th Mar 2009, 15:37
I wonder if anyone has told the Americans at Lakenheath? It will be interesting to see their response to a request for a basic service.

When we had flight restrictions nearby because of the Bird Flu, we had to get permission to fly from the Dept of agriculture or something in London. They gave me a movement permission number which I had to use when I spoke to Lakenheath.

When I called Lakenheath on my way back and gave them my permission number I got a "whats that " back.


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