View Full Version : 777 CAT3B app with one gen failed

9th Mar 2009, 12:43
777 making CAT3B approach, with LAND3 annunciated and one engine gen failed. Do we have to go around? Or can still go on with CAT3B approach.Thanks.

9th Mar 2009, 15:34
From an Autoland perspective, continue and land. The ASA will indicate LAND 3, so no downgrade required. In fact, with only one backup Gen operating the B777 is still CatIIIA capable, as the ASA will indicated LAND 2.

Swedish Steve
9th Mar 2009, 16:13
The ASA will indicate LAND 3

But be careful. Not all CAT 3 required items are monitored by the system.
Not to worry about on finals, but items like Windscreen wipers! must be S for Cat 3 approach, but not monitored.

Henry VIII
9th Mar 2009, 16:40
On the bus QRH there is a list of non monitored sys/devices with correspondent limitation(s).
Isn't there on 777 ?

9th Mar 2009, 16:55
Going back to the original thread, only 1 Generator out shouldnt be a problem at all, according to Boeing 777s have 6 generators (in Total):ok: and only 1 failing should not result in any downgrade from CAT3 !!!

10th Mar 2009, 01:38
Thank you. No, boeing doesn't state anything concerning non monitering items on QRH. Will be nice to have.

TAC inop.
10th Mar 2009, 02:22
Depends when the failure occured.

Check the inhibited items, different levels for the stages of approach
eg. <1000' , ABP & SOPS