View Full Version : 1 pilot or 2 pilots (qualified) on light planes, ie Cessna 172

9th Mar 2009, 10:21
If I were to fly a Cessna 172 (for example), and had all licenses needed. Could I take any one up as co-pilot, or does the co pilot need licenses as well?
I've had mixed answers and was just curious
thanks :)
also while I'm at it, if the answer is yes, I could take anyone up, whats the limit?
Like could I do the same thing in a G550 or Global Express (I assume not, but as an example)?

9th Mar 2009, 10:26
You can take whoever you want up in a Cessna 172, it is certified as a single pilot aircraft only, so the commander can log the time, and if Chuck Yeager was sat next to you he couldn't.


9th Mar 2009, 18:15
There are a couple exceptions according to US FAA rules...

One example is an IFR safety pilot. If a qualified pilot is using a hood to get simulated instrument time, he must have a qualified safety pilot. Since the pilot is required in that case, the safety pilot can log second-pilot time.

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