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6th Mar 2009, 13:22
TAF EGKK 051056Z 0512/0618 01006KT 9999 SCT020 PROB30 0604/0609 7000=

TAF AMD EGKK 051515Z 0516/0519 CNL=

What precisely does the second TAF mean in the context of the first? In particular, does the portion of the 0512/0618 TAF after 0519 remain valid?

6th Mar 2009, 13:49
New taf codes..
COR (correction)
CNL (cancel)
NIL (no TAF issued)
BECMG (becoming)
VV (vertical visibility)
TX & TN maximum & minimum temperature

6th Mar 2009, 13:57
Thanks. For the avoidance of doubt, I know "CNL" is the abbreviation for "cancel(led)". I want to know how the cancellation TAF message should be interpreted.