View Full Version : tecnam p2002jf

5th Mar 2009, 04:09
please advice me is this aircraft using Rotax 912s(using mogas)suitable for flying school in tropical country(hot and humid climate.

5th Mar 2009, 10:36
Your question might get more replies in the 'private flying' forum so don't be surprised if it gets moved there.

The Tecnam's are very good light aiircrat. The Rotax engine uses Bing carburretors (as found on BMW motorcycles) and their jetting can be changed to suit different climates. I don't see much of a problem. However, why not speak to Tecnam, Rotax and operators in the area to find out more?

Mach E Avelli
6th Mar 2009, 08:57
Provided the installation has been done properly, the Rotax should do better in the longer term than any comparable horsepower air-cooled engine operated continuously in hot weather.

I have no experience of the Tecnam, but looked at two different models today, the retractable and the fixed gear two seaters. The engineering looks good and it seems solidly constructed with decent weight in the skin and frames, unlike many light aircraft in that category. My gut feel (and that's all it can be until I fly one in a week or two) is that it will be great aeroplane for the Australian bush environment. But it's relatively expensive.