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Jim lovell
12th Apr 2001, 16:27
An old case but an interesting one nonetheless:

I came across an interesting website that details one possible(probable?) scenario regarding the shootdown of KAL 007 in 1983. The theory states that the 747 was not shot down at all- although it was hit in the No. 4 engine. Due to the damage the a/c was forced to land on Sahkalin Island and the pax and crew taken prisoners by the Russians. The pax and crew were then either imprisoned or disposed of.

This theory may seem far fetched but it does in a way answer a few questions.
1)Why were there never any bodies discovered from 007 either by the Japanese or the US??
2) Why was there never any a/c wreckage recovered from the ocean(which in that area is not all that deep)??
3)Did the Russians want to "exterminate" a particular person onboard the a/c- e.g US diplomat etc???
In fact the pilot of the SU-15 that shot down the 747 now admits he was aware it was a civilian airliner but shot it down anyway(something he didn't admit to at the time)
The 747 was intercepted some 70nm before Soviet airspace- why??
-check out this website for an interesting perspective from a former 747 captain- http://john.birch.org/html/kal/-007-questions.htm