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30th Mar 2001, 17:57
Which airline manager tells training captains to resign if they cannot accept lowering of standards?

Which airline manager tells pilots it is acceptable to take risks?

Which airline manager tells pilots to leave faults out of the technical log?

Which airline flies with AOG faults?

Which airline manager flew illegally into Madeira at night?

Which airline manager trains cadet pilots into Madiera at night?

Which airline fudges fuel figures for long flights?

Which airline illegally changes standby times and duty report times?

Which airline starts flight duties after the flying staff have been in the crewroom all day?

Which airline have had most of their pilot managers resign?

30th Mar 2001, 18:49
Air France, obvivously.

30th Mar 2001, 21:13
Every one that I've ever worked for and probably most that I've heard of! If you want accountability, integrity and leadership read a Tom Clancy novel as you won't find any in this industry.

Thank you, I feel much better now nurse...

30th Mar 2001, 21:20
Think you'll need to narrow that one down a bit Mr!

Wing Commander Fowler
31st Mar 2001, 00:59
Anyone for a grudge match....?

I'm finger lickin'

31st Mar 2001, 01:31
Yep, 31 years flying, 17000 hours, 11 airlines and seven jet operators, sounds like every one I've worked for, and thats only the good one's.

I know what your trying to say MrReees, but commercial aviation sucks. It is not the utopia dreemed of on the wannabe pages. I started out with all the dreams in 1969 but now in 2001, I accept that the dream is nothing but just that, a dream. Reality is commercial pressure, sychophant motivated managment and training departments run more by personal ego's rather than logic.

Commercial airlines run purely for the purpose of making money. Safety is bowed to only when it costs nothing. The new concept of allowing airlines to regulate themselves as per the JAA Quality control concept will allow greater sins to go unnoticed.

Your post is obviously well motivated MrReees, but sadly you are on the losing end of the game by posting it.

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Anti Skid On
1st Apr 2001, 04:07
I hope this thread isn't going to be like the 'What airport is this' thread

1st Apr 2001, 16:04
Sounds like an airline that has no union representation to me.

1st Apr 2001, 16:15

That reminds me, what WAS that airport in the end ?

mach 84
1st Apr 2001, 16:16
BoeingBoy is absolutely right, our management changed for 3 times in the last 6 years and it got worse with every change, what they criticised in the previous management, became their credo when they became the next managers.

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Agaricus bisporus
1st Apr 2001, 19:23
This is a particularly pointless topic until MrAReees divulges the identity of the ccompany, until then there really is nothing to say.

So come on, Mr, put your mouth where your money is, and put us all out of our misery.

2nd Apr 2001, 03:02
The Airline what MrRees is defining is has to be the best airline in the world and that sounds like Stinga-pore Airlines.
What the need to know is that FLIGHT SAFETY AND PROFITS KILLS EACH OTHER.........

2nd Apr 2001, 10:49
He's obviously talking about one of the UK charter operators,


4th Apr 2001, 23:32
Oneworld22 I hope you are not correct! We are told that it is a professional airline.
Bayern 1 Mancester 0
Who do I contact at JMC to play a company football match. Social Integration first is the best ideal.

4th Apr 2001, 23:48
twitchy, you're an idiot if you really believe that.

In the long run, you cannot have a profitable airline that does not include Flight Safety as its highest priority.

Safety may seem to the blinkered beancounter as an expensive option. In reality it is far less expensive than the alternative.

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5th Apr 2001, 19:27
Oneworld and Fockeheinz. I have spoken to my colleague in JMC Airlines about this. Tiny Man and the Fat Controller assure him this could not be JMC.