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Mark Nine
22nd Dec 2008, 17:40
Heard a rumour this morning that a pilot at Birmingham has been arrested in the cockpit for being way over the 9mg limit. FO has been suspended by the company concerned for not grassing him up! Anyone got any more details?

22nd Dec 2008, 17:48
Why, don't you ?
Check tomorrow's Sun for the full unbiased view. :}
Of course the other crew member would be suspended, nothing to do with "grassing anyone off" (how very "porridge") and everything to do with taking someone off the roster who may be involved in a disciplinary hearing.

Cue, 20 more pages of useless drivel and an unpublicised acquital.

Airbus Girl
22nd Dec 2008, 17:52
agree with captplaystation
Also, how could they prove the FO knew the Captain was over the limit???
Are FOs meant to give Captains breath tests before boarding now?

22nd Dec 2008, 17:59
Er, Mark Nine.

Heard a rumour this morning that a journalist went fishing.

This is a rumour site after all, so what have you heard?

Or are you just trying to add flesh to what you already know before you publish your 'exclusive', based on what you glean here?


23rd Dec 2008, 11:59
Possibly the same incident, report here:

US pilot at London Heathrow hauled from cockpit for being drunk (http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/247571,us-pilot-at-london-heathrow-hauled-from-cockpit-for-being-drunk.html)

...mind you,if it's good enough for an astronaut ("http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article2154962.ece) ...

23rd Dec 2008, 13:09
Armed police swoop on 'drunk' Heathrow pilot moments before he was due to fly to India | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1100630/Armed-police-swoop-drunk-Heathrow-pilot-moments-fly-India.html)

23rd Dec 2008, 13:11
Bit of an echo in here, don't you think, Checkie?:)

Hussar 54
23rd Dec 2008, 14:38
Quote -

A Spokesman for BAA Heathrow said -

' The safety and security of our passengers is our absolute priority and we work with the police and other authorities to make sure they are safe '

Huh ??

Since when did the Spaniards tell the Heathrow wallahs -

' Hey, let's forget about profits, servicing bank debts, return on our investment, expanding retail areas, getting that third runway, arguing with the British Government about which airports we have to sell, building a new terminal to replace Terminal 2, PR'ing our way through the jibes and accusations about what a dump Heathrow is, PR'ing our way through the Terminal 5 nightmare that was, and all that other silly financial stuff....We want you to to put at the top of your priorities, sniffing out flightcrew who may have had some alcohol last night '

Sure ! You can imgaine the Boardroom in Madrid applauding.....

If the guy had been drinking - idiot ! Deserves anything and everything coming to him if true.... And thanks for nothing to his own OPS people for not stopping him going out to the aircraft if the effects of any alcohol were so obvious....

But are the BAA and their own Security Staff the appropriate people to decide whether to call the police ?

Wonder when was the last time these same Security Staff called the police when they saw one of their mates about to drive home from the pub and suspected that the mate might be over the limit ?

I hope the guy proves them wrong - yet again at Heathrow....But absolutely no sympathy if he had been drinking - just plain stupid....

23rd Dec 2008, 15:33
The security staff are not covered by the Maritime & Avaition act, as such all its says in G4 T & C's is you must not been drunk at work,still i guess a glass of Pedi at lunch time gets you through the afternoon looking at Girls handbags on the Xray machine.

23rd Dec 2008, 21:35
I went through security at Manchester the other day, and set the scanner off as I passed through even with not to much clothing on! I was frisked by a security guy and nothing was found...but this guy stunk of booze big time it almost nocked me back.....now my point is, if this guy is "Drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" surley he is not capable of performing his security duties? What's good for the goose is surley good for the gander!:=

23rd Dec 2008, 21:48
Er....drunk in charge of a thing that buzzes when it hits your loose change v an airliner........Let me think about that one.


23rd Dec 2008, 22:17
looking at Girls handbags on the Xray machine.

Girls whats' ???

23rd Dec 2008, 22:21
yeap, i;ve got that stale after breath of stale ale off them...for some strange reason my bowels always feel loose going through security and ya know, not one bit of guilt felt as they gag on stale vindaloo!!!:ok:

kick the tires
24th Dec 2008, 10:06

Thats an easy one. You tell him to stop searching you and ask for the manager. You tell the manager you are willing to be searched but not by him because you find the stench of alcohol on his breath offensive.

You have the absolute right to refuse to be searched by a particular person, indeed, if they start the search without asking your permission, they commit an assault!

24th Dec 2008, 10:15
mark nine...very black and white of you.

When this happened to me and my captain was perhaps over the limit it was my DUTY to protect the plane, the crew, the pax and me. Nothing to do with "grassing up". Its why an FO is there.

My cabin crew apoproached me in the end and told me that if I didnt sort it (I wasnt worried about him he seemed fine to me), then THEY would. So I gave him the option of suddenly getting ill, which he did and he left the plane. But if he hadn't then yes, I'd have called a manager in. I'm no prude so don't get me wrong, but if a flight deck member wishes to fly with me hee'd better be asclean as a whistle or it's back to the office. I'm not going to die for the sake of someone elses booze trip.

Ineveitably these things are not always clear cut. A bit like minima really!;)


24th Dec 2008, 10:28
...mind you,if it's good enough for an astronaut (http://%22http//www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article2154962.ece) ...That was one of the most appauling stories I've read in a long time. It's amazing that newspapers are allowed to publish such rubbish.:mad: