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15th Dec 2008, 21:44
During the five years I spent in Jeddah, I used to pass a DC 3 mounted on a concrete plinth on a roundabout every day. I had always assumed it was a Saudi Aircraft but have been told that it had served with Cambrian as G-AGHM. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

16th Dec 2008, 07:22
Cannot confirm the identity, but G-AGHM became VP-KGI and then 5B-CBD in Cyprus so maybe?:confused:

16th Dec 2008, 07:31
It is ex G-AGHM c/n 9623 became 5B-CBD, 5B-CAW is derelict at Dhahran.

16th Dec 2008, 21:20
Many thanks for the info, strange to see it sitting there when once upon a time it tramped around the Cambrian routes.

17th Dec 2008, 07:43
Would be stranger if it still had Cambrian on it!:D

17th Dec 2008, 18:17
If you go to the Cambrian Airways web site ,click on dc3 ,you will see a photo of it before it was rescued from the dump ,small sections visible with the original Cambrian colours.Last flew her 28/10/68 Flew sister ship G-AGHS with her new reg 5B-CBA CWL- NICE [NS] -Athens - Nicosia on the 4/8/69 and 5/8/69

tubby linton
18th Dec 2008, 22:13
The excellent Cambrian Airways website can be found here:
Welcome To www.cambrianairways.co.uk (http://www.cambrianairways.co.uk/)

Atcham Tower
19th Dec 2008, 09:22
And going back even further than that, she used to be a BEA Pionair. Often seen on the Speke-Ronaldsway run in the 1950s.

tubby linton
19th Dec 2008, 14:33

19th Dec 2008, 15:37
That is impressive, thanks for posting!

19th Dec 2008, 18:00
Tubby Linton - Now that brings back memories!!! I used to go past that roundabout at least four times a day. I wish I had taken a picture. Many thanks for posting. If I remember correctly, on one Eid Al Adha holiday they had installed lights in the cockpit and cabin which looked really good at night.

4th Jan 2009, 18:18
Remember it well, and not forgetting the DC6 further along the road, just off the Corniche!

4th Jan 2009, 19:31
Silverstreak - I don't recall the DC 6 - Do you have any more details?

3rd Sep 2016, 16:36

4th Sep 2016, 08:42
This, I know, this is a long shot. Does any one have a photo of G-AGHM wearing the Kenya marks VP-KGI? It was, by the way, the first DC3/C47 on the Kenyan register... It was only on the Kenya register for about a year.

Also looking for a photo of sister ship VP-KGL. Both Dakotas were registered to Skyways (East Africa) Ltd. for about a year in 1949. They were apparently chartered to the Overseas Food Corporation ( The Groundnut Scheme ?!!!). When East African Airways obtained their Dakotas, they took over the flights and -KGI & -KGL returned to the U.K.

VP-KGL later become PH-SSM of Fairways of Rotterdam. G-AGHM and PH-SSM visited Southampton (Eastleigh) in the early
to mid 60s, possibly even sharing the apron. Both Cambrian and Fairways operating schedules through Eastleigh.