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3rd Dec 2008, 13:05
29th NOV.
Airline: Wizz Air.
A/C type: A320
It took off from BBU (Bucharest, Baneasa Airport, Romania) with the destination VLC (Valencia, Spain).
Apparently they had a bird strike and declared mayday a few minutes after take off. They were directed to OTP, the other airport in Bucharest.
Thay reported "engine vibration problem " and that they "lost the avionics door"(?!!).
Landed safely in OTP, ILS approach.

3rd Dec 2008, 15:13
A Wizz Air Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LPF performing flight W6-753 from Bucharest (Romania) to Valencia,SP (Spain) with 141 passengers, encountered a flock of birds while climbing through 4500 feet after takeoff from Bucharest's Baneasa Airport. A loud bang was heard from the left hand engine, the crew noticed vibrations thereafter, shut the engine down, declared emergency and diverted to Bucharest's International Airport Otopi. The landing 12 minutes after takeoff was safe.

The Aviation Herald (http://avherald.com/h?article=410e951a&opt=0)

3rd Dec 2008, 15:19
Multiple bird strike at 900ft, no engine shut down, safe landing. Fan blade and engine intake damage plus avionics door. Currently being repaired in OTP.

C172 Hawk XP
3rd Dec 2008, 16:50
while climbing through 4500 feet ............... shut the engine down

Multiple bird strike at 900ft, no engine shut down

Everyone knows that speculation is what PPRuNE is all about, most of the time.

But here we do not just have speculation, more like pure GUESSES !

3rd Dec 2008, 17:10
It would have helped if the first two posters had quoted their sources.....

3rd Dec 2008, 18:09
It didnt reach 4500 feet. It climbed to 3000feet atfer it hit the birds as far as I remember, from the ATC recording.

3rd Dec 2008, 18:51
I'm a believer.. but what kind of birds would fly at 4500ft in dark, fog...hmm. Maybe, they were wild ducks...but they are rumours around saying that Blue Air had digged trenches around BBU and they are catapulting large hulks of pork into Wizz engines:sad:.. I would be not surprised!!:E
Anyways, they definatly have to do something about BBU wildlife... bird watching is routine, ocasionally even wild boar,deers, dogs,cats ( all wild ), it's like a safari.

Avec respect for za crew,


3rd Dec 2008, 22:08
Thanks skytrax. Sh!t happens.
This time it was at or above 3000 ft and they got back safely.
Case closed, it would seem to me, until there is any special lesson to be learned this time.

I thought it happened when it was still daylight. Anyway, birds fly VFR under conditions we'd never even dream about...


3rd Dec 2008, 22:24
I've had a birdstrike at night, at 3000ft... scared the cr@p outta me too!

4th Dec 2008, 07:21
It was definitely 900 ft and the engine was not shut down.

4th Dec 2008, 08:27
If he didnt shut down the engine, was it necessary to declare mayday?
just asking...

As far as I know it hit the bird at 900ft and after that it climbed up to 3000ft and did the ILS approach to OTP.

4th Dec 2008, 08:52

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I'm a believer.. but what kind of birds would fly at 4500ft in dark, fog...hmm. Maybe, they were wild ducks...


i clobbered one at 7000 feet out of munich recently.....they do fly around in the dark and the murk. Many threads on this