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24th Nov 2001, 17:01

Gotta hand it to the guy for having style, unlike the audacious upstarts of today.

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24th Nov 2001, 18:15
The big skydiving boogie up in Quincy, Illinois used to have the "D. B. Cooper" jump. They had a 727 cargo plane with the airstair removed and a plywood bulkhead with a jump door installed. They could take something like 200 skydivers up, but they had to go out one at a time.

The story I heard was that some skydivers got too eager and jumped during the climb (250 kts) instead of the jump run (~120 kts). Their harnesses survived but their jump-suits were blasted clean off!

24th Nov 2001, 18:23
Last credible report was that he was deaded, wasn't it?

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24th Nov 2001, 22:55
And I got banned from the British Parachute Association for jumping out of a Cessna 120 - is there no justice in this world ?! :(

25th Nov 2001, 00:01
that's šos you jump a javelin !!!! ha ha :-) :)