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7th Nov 2008, 14:04
Does anybody know where can achieve take-off performances graphs for the Boeing 777? Thank you

7th Nov 2008, 18:56
The appropriate chapters of the AFM are digital... AFM-DPI, you wont find charts


10th Nov 2008, 08:35
Thanks Mutt but, anyway, do you know how can I achieve this information?. I need to calculate the obstacles net path for a B777 with an engine failure.

10th Nov 2008, 12:00
If you have a legitimate reason to have it, then Boeing will give it to you. Unfortunately due to contractural issues, airlines arent permitted to release the software.


11th Nov 2008, 10:50
Thank you again Mutt. I try to help a friend who is working in an engineering consulting, and they are studyng the interferences of a planned big crane with an airfield of the vicinity. The B777 is the most relevant airplane that uses this airport. I suppose they will contact with Boeing company for that purpose.

Old Aero Guy
11th Nov 2008, 19:53
It would be better for your friend to contact the appropriate airport authority or the country's civil aviation authority.

Since your friend's crane has the potential to limit operations at subject airport, these agencies will be more concerned about the situation than Boeing.

14th Nov 2008, 17:50
They have contacted with the aeronautical authorities and they have been studied carefully the legal interferences and they know that are all right. The problem is that they want to know the "commercial" interference, that is, how the presence of an obstacle can limit the maximum take off weight for large airplanes and the weight penalty for present of futures airlines that want to operate at this airport. Anyway thank you for your interest.

14th Nov 2008, 18:13
On the same topic but slightly different application: Can you, Mutt, or any other people in the know, tell me a few details how a 773 operates in and out of BHX (Birmingham, UK). Are you able to fill all the seats? BHX has something like 2300m runway available and I would estimate a flight time of about 6 hrs. EK and PIA fly there.

I'm modestly impressed when I see the big bird filling the small place...


14th Nov 2008, 19:01
Hello Dani,
I'l try to help you.
Empty Weight: 167T (ER version)
Fuel: 7,5T/H 7,5*6=45 + landing with the same (7T) FOB=53T
Pax: 2 class is 435... average weight no charter flights is 84 kg for adults...
and baggage 15kg for intercontinental flights... 99kg per person
99*435= 43T
TOW: 263T

And then look at this document: ( choose airplane performance)
Boeing: Commercial Airplanes - Commercial Aviation Services - Flight Operations Support - Airport Technology - 777 Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning (http://www.boeing.com/commercial/airports/777.htm)

You can there see that you need a runway that is around 5400 ft long (1650m)...
So your 2300 m are enough :}

Hope it helps,


15th Nov 2008, 06:07
Robini...... be careful, the airport characteristics document doesnt address obstacles! Plus where do you get your fuel figures from?

Dani, sorry, but we dont operate the -300.

Vancejo, generally for airports in our country, the consultants contact the civil aviation authority and they in turn contact the airlines, we are then in a position to give accurate information, which wont come from the airport characteristics document!