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22nd Oct 2008, 14:05
Hi guys:

A few Qs:

1) Apart from dimensions, what differences are there between the A318 and the other three? I'm thinking of flight deck differences really. I have reason to believe that the A318-21 are all just about the same.

2) If you're type rated on the 757, are you rated at the same time on the 767?
OR: If the differences between the two are a little more extensive, is there a CCQ you can do like the one needed to mix-fleet fly the A320/330?


22nd Oct 2008, 14:31
A318-A321 all have the same type rating. Flight decks are indentical - assuming the same build and option standard - and minimal if not! Handling and other characteristics are sufficiently similar to require no additional training, apart from reading the book, to switch between types. Airlines generally use any A320 Family pilot to fly any A320 Family variant.

22nd Oct 2008, 14:40

Your 2)

In Europe (and US, I'm fairly sure) B757 and 767 are on a common type rating. I can't speak for elsewhere. However - after initial training on one of them you need to differences training to qualify on the other, as you do for sub-variants, e.g B767-200 and -300 series.

I did B767-200 first, the diffs for 757 was classroom (1 or 2 days), 2 x 4hr sim shared with another student, and 4 sectors line training. 767-200 to -300 was a classroom day, then jump in and fly. Not a problem.

I should add this this was around 10-15 years back, and there may have been some changes.