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19th Oct 2008, 01:03

POM-KUL-POM from 29th October with the B757
POM-HKG-POM flights will commence from 27th October with the B757. (No longer via MNL)
TF-FII will be replaced with TF-FIY (Winglets)
A reminder that the NRT service will NOT be suspended as per some news reports

>>>> Can anyone confirm when -FIY will replace -FII?

EDIT: Post Air Niugini news such as equipment changes here!

Maisk Rotum
19th Oct 2008, 10:02
And I thought they were getting a "brand new" 767????

19th Oct 2008, 10:32
Japan continues with a K12.0m subsidy p.a.

Nothing in the other news says its viable. Do I hear PX made a K90.0m loss in the last year?

KUL will draw away from the successful SIN services, yet is unlikely to create any new traffic.

HKG direct is good news, as is MNL twice per week.


20th Oct 2008, 03:52
What's this brand new 767 you're talking about Maisk Rotum??

And no, PX have not made a loss in the last year. However, things are not looking so good for the coming year/s unfortunatly, hence things are changing!

20th Oct 2008, 04:26
hence things are changing!

They certainly need to.

20th Oct 2008, 08:36
'why' so many aircraft

'why' so many different types of aircraft

'why' cant they have 2 x 757's instead of 1 x 767 & 757?

crazy stuff :{:{:{

20th Oct 2008, 08:44
Why so many aircraft?

My guess is that there is demand on the domestic market and therefore more aircraft are required. Specially since the OSL contract.

Why so many aircraft types?

There isn't that many...Dash8, F100, B757/B767 (i wouldn't really count the E-jets).

Why can't they have 2 757's instead of 1 767 and 1 757?

Because they require the 767 for its freight capacity.

20th Oct 2008, 09:55
Neither the 767 or the 757 are involved in domestic operations. There is one dedicated Dash 8 freighter and there always seems to be a F-100 in the hanger these days.

As for the E-jets, surely these toys can only be seen as 'stop-gap' aircraft until either something better comes along that will actually carry all the baggage (and freight) legally or the regulators get interested. Somehow, though I doubt it.

Peter Brady
20th Oct 2008, 10:39
Seem to be getting a little toey on this subject. Also heard locally that PX making big losses at present. Good to see that they doing things about it.
What's the feeling within the camp about the DJ competition starting in a few weeks time?
You seem to have good knowledge on other goings on?


21st Oct 2008, 05:26
Is the F100 you see in the hanger the same one every time? or a different one. Becuase if it is a different one, perhaps "maintenance" is being carried out...just maybe?

PX doesn't seem to be too worried about the competition, but are very aware they need to lift their game if they are to retain their current customers. Thank goodness! This DJ thing might be very beneficial to PX customers.
And yes, there is a RUMOUR going around that PX are out of money, a RUMOUR only i have been told.


21st Oct 2008, 06:33
Different F-100's undergoing "C" checks.

Pixie rumoured to be out of money, nah, but always plenty of rumours of envelopes moving around.

21st Oct 2008, 06:34
What routes are the E-Jets doing for PX?

21st Oct 2008, 06:53
BNE-POM-HIR-NAN and return.

Initially BNE-POM-SYD-POM-BNE but the 757 is now doing POM-SYD.

Cheers :)

21st Oct 2008, 08:27
..and E145 is doing POM-CNS-POM.


25th Oct 2008, 06:32
Check out the new website!
http://airniugini.com.pg/ (AirNiugini.com.pg)

Bits are missing still and there are a few typos LOL


2nd Nov 2008, 03:58
The F100's in the hangar are under heavy maintenance all having 4000 and 6000 hour checks accomplished. 3 aircraft this year and 2 next year need the visits. A wet leased E145 fills the Cairns-POM void in the mean time.
The rumour that PX is short of cash is fundamentally true but is generally due to fuel costs hitting hard in the last 6 months and wet leased 767 operations early this year.
Both of these operartional issues are now resolved and cash flow is unchanged or improving so no basic changes here, just normal market fluctuations.
The 757 to KL is generally meant to relieve heavy loads out of SIN due to the KL passengers generally transit through SIN. Malaysia was happy to accomodate agreeing to many free services in KL to attract the extra services. Essentially anouther SIN sector.
The 757 is now almost fully untilized and a follow on 737-700 or equivalent should be added 4th qtr next year.

Domestic service is working better and the new D8 fleet captain is making a significant imporvement in efficiency.
Constant runway improvements are caiusing havoc.

Waghi Warrior
4th Nov 2008, 00:42
Any word on who has thrown their caps into the ring for the MLO's position.
Get a person with half an idea,which wouldn't be hard and I'm sure the efficiency would go up three fold,not to mention the fact that most of the pilots would be somewhat happier with crewing.

I must add that things are very slowly turning around,especially given the fact that about 70% of all pilots are under training.


4th Nov 2008, 00:52

Another type? Help save the pixies!

4th Nov 2008, 04:57
Todays Post Courier whilst not very subtle is certainly to the point.

Interesting questions that I doubt will be answered.

Why is Air Niugini leasing more aircraft?
APPARENTLY perfectly good F100 aircraft are lying around the airport while a squadron of leased aircraft are doing the work.
In previous years the airline made money.
Now they admit they are losing money since the new general manager took over.
There is that absolutely horrible little Embraer 145 on the Cairns service. What did we do to deserve that?
There is the quite presentable Embraer 190 on the Honiara run which somehow misses out on Port Vila half way between Honiara and Nandi. Why?
Both the Cairns and the Solomon Island service can be done comfortably, in many ways, with the F100. Why these two aircraft from Sky World?
Is there any substance in the claim that there is a less than arms length relationship or distance between certain members of Air Niugini expatriate administration staff and the managers of Sky World?
In addition to the two Sky World aircraft there have been so many other leased aircraft as to make one’s head swim.
The Viva Macau 767 and that other joke that could not fly from Port Moresby to Narita directly but had to circuit the whole South West Pacific Ocean, turning a six hour trip into a 10-hour trip or more.
Now we have the Icelandic 757. Quite a nice plane but at what price?
Isn’t this the same mob that were mentioned in the PNG Diary scandal many years ago?
And the 767 which seems parked more than it is operating.
How could anyone lose eight million kina plus, on the Japanese service?
Now, however, the Government is going to put up K12 million to subsidise the Japanese route.
The boys can budget to lose that as well.
And that is just the overseas sector, discounting the absurd foray into KL.
The domestic routes are falling apart.
When are the F70s to arrive? Will they also be leased?
It has been suggested that the poor performance of Air Niugini could be leading up to a situation where the national airline will be ripe for a bankruptcy takeover in the not too distant future.
Of course that is just pure rubbish.


Waghi Warrior
4th Nov 2008, 21:36
Who's getting more,is it the Indian or the Canadian ? Bankruptcy take over ay, by who ? SKY AIR WORLD ! I wouldn't doubt it for one minute ! :ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

4th Nov 2008, 23:02
LOL, more EMB-145's

5th Nov 2008, 00:28
Waghi, not Indian but from a little island at the southern tip of the sub continent. Also heard mention about a south pacific island mate as well.

Sky Air World take over ANG, why, they are on a good thing as it is.

5th Nov 2008, 01:08
who is ANG?

5th Nov 2008, 02:06
And another letter in today's ( Wednesday ) Pos-Guria.

Flight stunt

Direct flights from Port Moresby to Kuala Lumpur is a political stunt, there is no other explanation.
Malaysia is right next door to Singapore and we already have two flights a week to Singapore. There are about 20 connecting flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur every day and it’s less than 30 minutes flying time. It doesn’t make any economic sense to have direct flights to Kuala Lumpur unless we can guarantee full flights every trip. Having direct flights to KL before having direct flights to Melbourne, Jakarta, Beijing or Honolulu is hard to fathom. It can only be due to political pressure. We almost lost the flight to Narita in favour of Kuala Lumpur. They said the direct flight from KL will lure business travellers and tourists. But business travellers will still travel via Singapore even if there are no direct flights, because they want what we have (resources). Only tourists are lured by direct flights because then they use up less of their holiday time in travelling. But the tourism market from Malaysia will be very small. How many Malaysian tourists have we seen in PNG lately? Zip. Maybe direct flights from KL to Wewak will be next.

Skystar.....ANG is a reference to Air Niugini , AKA... PX / Pixie / Air Nogat / Air Yu Gimi / and a few others that cannot be mentioned here

5th Nov 2008, 04:42
......maybe a direct flight to Colombo with a satellite office set up in Kotte....;)

But whatever happens, the good old days of Pixie have gone forever never to return and maybe pixie will go too.:rolleyes:

5th Nov 2008, 09:59
Re the KL services, I hear that an investigation into the relationships between certain senior PX Directors and the PX agent representative in Malaysia may be warranted and shed some light on the haste to operate this flight. Though no expert, I would have thought it would make more sense commercially to add a 3rd SIN flight, scales of economy, personnel already in place, better connectivity, better disrupt recovery options, etc. But then, the incentives may have been too great to ignore!;)

5th Nov 2008, 10:10
Sharpie, perhaps the Colombo office could act as an agent for Ela Motors as well. Bit far away to manage all the Aussie flats (apartments) though.

Pixie is really like the whole country..................................................


6th Nov 2008, 03:35
I really didn't want this thread to turn into a 'lets bag Air Niugini' thread.
The purpose of starting this thread was more to create a place where we can post NEWS, like equipment changes etc. NOT a place where you lot can all act as though you would run the airline perfectly if you were ever made CEO of PX.

Everyone moaning on PPRuNe is not going to fix anything anyway.

I have noticed that a few things that have been said so far in this thread show that the people writing the post have simply no idea!


6th Nov 2008, 04:51
Thanks for that NewZealand2. I am starting with ANG soon and it would be nice to hear a few more positive comments. From my point of view it is nice not to have to fork out $K of dollars for the endorsement. Money which would otherwise be forever lost to me and my family.

6th Nov 2008, 08:27
E&H i'm sure you will enjoy your time in PNG. You will find out soon enough if it is the place for you or not.

I'm told flying in PNG is both enjoyable and a challenge.

All the best.


6th Nov 2008, 10:06
NZ2 easily fixed , start a new thread;)

6th Nov 2008, 10:39
There you go NZ2, give us all the benefit of your superior knowledge and correct where we have no idea.


6th Nov 2008, 14:08
Ok so PX has increased seat capacity and introducing new routes.
Thats good, except when doing so, competent management would only do that to satisfy a demand that is already there, or based on actual forcast growth in passeger numbers.
I somehow do not see any of the above two cases.
Good luck to those who do believe that increasing capacity will automatically increase revenue.
Time will tell..... but then again acountabily is not a work synonumous with PX (PNG), so long as the polies are fed.

chimbu warrior
9th Nov 2008, 21:12
Air Niugini’s Single Line Salary Attracts Former Pilots
Monday: November 10, 2008

Air Niugini has introduced a single line salary for national and expatriate pilots aimed at enticing its former national pilots back from overseas airlines, reports the Post Courier.

Chief executive officer Wasan-tha Kumarasiri said many pilots and engineers left the airline for other airlines in the world in search of better salaries than what Air Niugini could pay.

However, as they approach 35 years of operations the current board and management came up with a single level salary and promotion.

Six former Air Niugini pilots who had worked with foreign airlines have returned and others would soon rejoin the national carrier.

10th Nov 2008, 01:28
This was in the weekend Post Courier

Air safety tops PX priority

Safety will always remain Air Niugini’s top priority and it will not give in easily to criticisms levelled against it for flight delays and cancellations, chief executive officer Wasantha Kumarasiri says.
“Safety is of top priority in the operation of Air Niugini. We will consider safety first over commercial interests,” he said.
“When Air Niugini is criticised for delays and cancellations, the travelling public must appreciate the fact that safety is of paramount importance to the national airline and we will not take risks or compromise safety.”
Mr Kumarasiri was speaking to business and government representatives at the State-owned airline’s 35th anniversary on Thursday in Port Moresby which also saw some long-serving staff of the airline including its partners receiving certificates of appreciation.
Last year, the airline uplifted almost 960,000 passengers making its mark close to 1 million passengers. It operates internationally to Honiara in Solomon Islands, Nadi in Fiji, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Manila in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Narita in Japan and the Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It started operating to Kuala Lumpar last month. It also operates within the country.
Recently the airline has been copping criticisms from frustrated passengers on flight delays and cancellations, which in some circumstances have happened continuously.
“We can proudly say that in the world’s most challenging aviation environments, Air Niugini has maintained very high standard in safety with 35 years of record,” Mr Kumarasiri said.
“This result has been achieved through strict operating standards, high levels of maintenance and training and risk curtailment.
“Some critics say, we don’t know what we’re doing, we take on constructive criticism and include this in our assessment and keep the focus on our job.”


Waghi Warrior
10th Nov 2008, 10:19
So who's coming back ? We have got one old timer back so far,a Dash 8 Captain who had a bit of a medical (?????? :ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:) problem at Lihir Island a few years ago.

What about the Sherrif ? Maybe he could take the MLO or the CPs position ?

DOH :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

10th Nov 2008, 11:55
Anyone know what the current pay rate is for the F100 (Capts and FO) and if they are looking for F100 type rated pilots?

Ricky Bobby
10th Nov 2008, 12:36
Waghi Warrior;

I dont think that bloke will have to worry about being rostered for the Lihir overnights! :}

10th Nov 2008, 22:37
It will be interesting to see the Fokker F70 aircraft operational. It looks like hopefully they will replace the EMB-145 aircraft on the CNS - POM route?

11th Nov 2008, 09:22
I think the F70 is not likely under the circumstances, but who knows where things will end up in 2 months, I think major changes are going to happen in Feb, 2009. VB will fold their tent and go home is my prediction.
The E145 is soon to be history, pax don't like it and it was to fill a void due to recent heavy maintenance on F100.
I get a kick out of all the down side remarks on a KL 757 run, doesen't anyone look at the past 3 years lift out of Malaysia into OZ. It is posted by the OZ government bless their hearts, good value in KL as those familiar with the rising costs in Singapore would be aware of.

Today's ATC strike should be a wake up on saftey, how long before these CAA dumbkaufs cause an accident.

11th Nov 2008, 12:47
I'm really terribly sorry, Honourable LVDT, but I fail to understand how the CAA will cause YOU to have an "occurence". If you are referring to the ATS service provider then you need to read your Notams (among MANY other documents about the ATS service provider). If you have a problem with the service provider, you have the right (indeed, an obligation under Part 12) to lodge a CAA005 to the Regulator.

Don't want to do that?
(Shrug...) What can I say...

12th Nov 2008, 01:19
VB are in for the long haul, you seem to forget that they are not going it alone and are in a code share with APNG linking in all of there domestic ops. I hear rummours that QF are reconsidering their code share, has anyone any more info.

12th Nov 2008, 02:05
If QF withdrew from the codeshare arrangement apart from saving them the cost of the seats they 'buy' on PX services, QF would loose both the on and in carriage a codeshare arrangement facilitates. It may not be much revenue to QF but the ability to in sell and on sell is just as important as the actual sale.

To pull out of the codeshare arrangement would cost QF in the long run.

However having a QF flight number on those flights operated by a subcontractor to PX is equally fraught with potential danger to both QF and the passengers that mistakenly think they are on a QF flight.

12th Nov 2008, 04:09
Or QF could just run a Q400 to/from CNS maybe supplemented with a couple of weekly 73Hs (or JQ A320s :} ) from BNE

12th Nov 2008, 06:28
For some odd reason the PX 757 TF-FII was on the ground in Cairns today, first time i think it has been here, i don't think it was a scheduled trip , any idea as to why it stopped here ,I had a quick look at it and it looked like it was put to bed for the night.

Ricky Bobby
12th Nov 2008, 06:37
I think things have worked pretty smoothly without any ATS, people using common sense and communication to get the job done. Can get a bit confusing with so much traffic on 123.4.

On a side note, hats off to the PX pilot heading for Tokua and Kavieng yesterday afternoon who inadvertantly transmitted his speil to the passengers over 123.4, best I have ever heard!

12th Nov 2008, 10:41
re 757 due to ATC strike some foreign registered aircraft operate under rules that do not allow them to operate without ATC coverage or so we have been told. It seems that png registered aircraft are happy to fly without ATC coverage. 757 diverted into cairns from manila awaiting the end of the strike.(must be costing px)

12th Nov 2008, 11:33
The 757 diverting to Cairns is a reasonable thought, as its an icelandic aircraft, the P2 registered dash-8s and F-100s all came and departed cairns as normal.

Not a good show for any airline to not get its pax to there destination, based on an aircraft's registration.

12th Nov 2008, 19:55
I recall a certain wet leased 737 ever so long ago heading for Manus and was advised that the local fire tender ( which was most probably left by the Japs in 1940) was unservicable.

A lazy 180 degree turn was conducted and a return to Moresby was made once again dodging fate.


The Pommy Crew spent the rest of the day by the T Lodge pool to recover from their harrowing experience.

Alas the 737 we should have got all those years ago did not get the start that it deserved.

13th Nov 2008, 02:20
Totally agree with you Adastra about the pommie contract pilots. You could not get them to fly even after throwing large rocks at them, verbal or otherwise and the costly contract turned people off the 73 for many a year. I often wonder how the 735 with 'fats' would have performed around the traps. Maybe better than the F100.:bored:

14th Nov 2008, 08:49

They certainly had a very attractive flight crew member.

I think that the 735 with "fats" would have done very well in PNG.


15th Nov 2008, 12:32
Great thread; had the the pleasure of meeting some one who has just come back POM who had quite an insight into life at PX.

Look guys most do not see how dificult to run an airline. Everybody talks like they are capable of being CEO but none has sat in the chair. contrary to a few posts, PX made money last year!! Auditor General confirmed it. PX is now profitable and and have a good future. If not for fuel cost saga where PX ABSORPED K55m FROM Jan to Sep 08, and K120M from Sep. 2005 PX may have made biggest profits in its history. This wasn't done by sitting in the bar at the yaught club....

PX's last 767 lease did not have options at least for twelve months to exercise. Lessor wanted five years forward or return. What is the answer!!!! take it and return in two years with a Big penaltywhen it is 100000 hours on the frame !!Ha ha!!! or take the hard decision and take the airline forward. PX have been burned before by the A310 return some years ago that cost millions and millions!!! now PX has a B767 with several options as it goes forward.

Regarding the E145 guys be aware that PX is taking the editor of the letter that Guria and Sharpie were refering to court on the comments!!! The E145 is only interim until F100 come out of heavy checks. two done and one more to go this year... two more checks next year

KL route is purely commercial, why take a third SIN run when KL offers three years free of charge landing, six months office space and lowest cost fuel in asia. All incentives to PX and its employees and not to directors.

Seems like it is an extremely tough environment out there and the country has an Airline that is healthy where many global carriers of a similar size are not?

15th Nov 2008, 19:56
It is quite a different picture you get when you speak to someone from PX. You actually end up with an UNDERSTANDING of how it is all working, and the logic behind some of the decisions.

Thanks for your post cockyjester.


17th Nov 2008, 01:15
NZ2 states: "It is quite a different picture you get when you speak to someone from PX."

Yes, it is what they want you to hear based on their individual knowledge.

NZ2 goes on: "You actually end up with an UNDERSTANDING of how it is all working, and the logic behind some of the decisions."

Oh really. You gleaned so much from 6 short paragraphs.

Earlier NZ2 decided that "I have noticed that a few things that have been said so far in this thread show that the people writing the post have simply no idea!"

Then NZ2 goes on "I'm told flying in PNG is both enjoyable and a challenge."

Perhaps NZ2 hasn't been to PNG after all.

17th Nov 2008, 03:04
I fail to see the point of your above post 7mile.

For your information i have been to PNG more than 10 times in the past. So yes, i have been to PNG.
I'm quite intrigued by your negative posts, they really do make me ponder the reason for them.

>>>Once again! I intended this thread to be a place for people to post news about Air Niugini, and not a place for people like 7mile to publish utter C:mad:P



17th Nov 2008, 03:35
NewZealand2. Methinks you doth protest too much:ok:

From the Weekend Post Courier
Post-Courier Online (http://www.postcourier.com.pg/weekendcourier/wchome.htm)

No dreamliner for Air Niugini
DESPITE the publicity from the Air Niugini board there will be no Dreamliner in 2010.
In fact Air Niugini is not buying a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at all but leasing it from the Icelandic mob, as it is doing with the 757. What is the connection with the PNG Diaries?
There must be a serious investigation into why an Icelandic company, obviously in financial difficulties, is sucking on the Air Niugini teat. What is management getting out of it?
Who is benefiting? Definitely not the people of PNG except perhaps some senior politicians or bureaucrats.
If Air Niugini cannot buy the aircraft because of a complete lack of confidence in the airline by international funders then why not ask the superfunds, which are wallowing in cash, to come forward and support the national airline”?
The Dreamliner, if it ever comes, will be delayed until 2012 as per the attachment and because the economy of Iceland is a total basket case with most banks either being nationalised or taken over by the Russians or the Pommy police, will it eventuate?
Why has our nice, little profitable airline Air Niugini been turned into the laughing stock of the industry in just a few short years? Management; or actually lack of it.
This is the people’s money; just like the NPF before. Surely it must be investigated.


17th Nov 2008, 03:52
Thanks for posting NEWS tipsy2!!! :ok:

17th Nov 2008, 18:24
2tipsy....you shouldn't beleive in everything you read in the paper! Especially when the comment is from a letter and not actualy an article.

As I said before in my post my interest in this is purely from hearing first hand from some one who has recently come back from a tour in POM with PX and I am now quite interested to see what is happening.

From what I heared the Airline is buying the aircraft but in order to get an earlier slot, PX have bought out an Icelandic slot (this makes a lot of sense to me ....Iceland don't need the aircraft any more and PX want to upgrade as soon as possible)

As for the comment about not getting the aircraft in 2010, do you think the author actualy looked into the status of the Dreamliner project at present?

18th Nov 2008, 19:22
This Post Courier letter is an attempt by an uninformed individual in PNG to once again smear Air Niugini using misinformation. His last post described the 4, F100 parked and not flying in POM, these are actually F28-4000 aircraft which have been retired, two of which are being parted out.
The writer goes on to criticise the 757 and use of this aircraft for a new route to Malaysia, evidently he finds the 757 an easy target as now the problem is Iceland which he evidently does not understand is different from IceLand Air.
I can think of a number of countries that found it necessary to extend financial assiistance for the banking industry recently, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia are on the list so Iceland with a population about the same as POM should not be much to talk about.
In any case Iceland Air is to the best of my knowledge a leading ACMI operator with a significant fleet. They have retrenched 140 flight crew recently as they move more to Dry leasing, more than one of their pilots has hired on at PX.
PX is training crew for the 757 (F100 pilots moving up)and will most likely crew this aircraft and register her P2 this year, something which is good value for pilots and employment opportunities in PNG.
The Dreamliner is not arriving in 2010 and I am not sure who ever announced it was, the slot is for 2015, and there is an initiative to purchase a different slot earlied but as you can imagine these early slots are not easy to get. Boeing is buying any slot available to lessen their delays.
I think rumour mongering about an aircraft so far into the future is silly when we have so many real time targets.
The recent ATC problems are a new low in PNG.

CAA CEO apologized recently for the ATC strike, unfortunately the Minister for transport was in Manila at the time.

18th Nov 2008, 20:45
The above post is a supreme example of someone who actually has understanding, and is in the know. :ok:

I heard LVDT that the 767 crew were to be cross trained on the 757. Is this still going to happen or is the position only open to F100 crew?

BTW, -FII will be replaced with -FIY (winglets) in December. :)


Waghi Warrior
20th Nov 2008, 06:46
I believe that Lihir Gold are about to award the LNV-CNS-LNV contract. Me thinks that Air Niugini have got a fair chance of getting this. I have also heard that someone has bidded for the contract using BAE 146's,I figure it would have to be NJS. The idea aircraft for this operation would be a Dash 8 200 with long range tanks,well thats my view ! :ok:

20th Nov 2008, 07:34
I had some dealings with Wasantha and his engineering chap Patrick,

I have to say (as this is an anymous forum) that especially Wasantha you could do a lot worse than this chap. One of the most honest honourable gentleman that I have the pleasure to o business with. It was a little disappointing about the outcome on the 767 purchase from RBA, but that wasnt PX's fault really they were just looking for the best deal for the Airline and I think that this is most important point!

Remember I coming from an objective view here, I can only give great reviews about this chap as he is not interested in putting his snout in the trough. He is interested in the good of the Airline, I can honestly say that this is my view, he is a good guy!

I think that Wasantha and Patrick know who I am as I am based in Singapore.


20th Nov 2008, 10:12
Orangputi, there are those that do not agree with your observations based on closer involvement.

20th Nov 2008, 14:26
146 to Lihir!! From memory,1200m gravel (coral) 1 point something slope & "very damp" most of the time.Unless they plan to lengthen & seal it,"Tell him he's dreamin' son.

20th Nov 2008, 20:50
Ok, so if PX is using the B757, -FII on the POM-KL route, two questions;
1. Is this plane ETOPS approved by PNG DCA since it has not been operated by PX for 12 months as required by the regs.
2. B757-200s will not have the fuel endurance to do direct route anyway, so how are they doing this legally... ?

20th Nov 2008, 20:57
B757-200 range is 3900NM, POM-KUL is approx 2900NM...Am i missing something??


21st Nov 2008, 01:08
LGL has plans to expend Lihir by 200m to 1400m to fit NJS 146 next year.
Then APNG to run a Dash 8 around the rest of the runs.
Work has not yet started.:eek:

21st Nov 2008, 04:44
I like the 146 aircraft but I wonder about the economics of the sector into Lihir from Cairns with how many passengers? It certainly will be tight getting in and out.

PX have a DHC-8-315 with long range tanks than seems a little too much lift for the run, but at least 1200 meters is comfortable for this aircraft.

21st Nov 2008, 05:55
My memory is not that clear, but is Lihir an (ICAO standard) designated international airport.

I do not mean like the PNG Government think (claim) Tokua or Momote are international standard. Lets not mention Jacksons either.:confused:


Ricky Bobby
21st Nov 2008, 10:33
Speaking of ICAO standards, what happened to the audit of PNG?

22nd Nov 2008, 04:54
Tipsy2 A/PNG have been flying to Lihir direct from Cairns for a year now. Lihir has customs and quarantine paid for by the mine. ICAO approval or not has nothing to do with whether a company can fly to a place internationally, the regulatory authorities in PNG decide what are designated International ports.
Runway extension will not be done for ages land owners and compensation will hold it up.
Contract encompasses CS-LHR-CS operation, PY-LHR-PYand the big one LHR to all ports that the mine decides are neccessay, for it's FIFO operation.
It's a biggy. 3 Dash 8's. 146 maybe one day? The mine has big plans for expansion, it will need the 146 then.
The current A/PNG Dash (CS-LHR-CS) operates in 12 seat executive config, so money is not a problem. After all it"s a GOLD mine you know.
The decision date for the preferred operator is December.
Thems the facts jack

22nd Nov 2008, 05:40
Silly me, I always understood PNG international designated airports were declared on the whim of the minister at some press conference on EMTV or other.

If the following quote is infact correct then I submit that the PNG authorities have been operating contrary to international law and convention. I'm sure that would come as no surprise to many of us.

ICAO approval or not has nothing to do with whether a company can fly to a place internationally, the regulatory authorities in PNG decide what are designated International ports.


Mach E Avelli
24th Nov 2008, 08:09
The Bae 146 never did get properly approved in gravel kitted form. To my knowledge, only one ever operated on gravel - in private category for a Saudi Prince. Where anything goes. There was a gravel kit for the B732, but with 1200 m that aeroplane can't go near LNV either. So, unless they seal the runway, and do a lot of work to widen the side strip areas, it's a Dash 8 or similar for the foreseeable future.

24th Nov 2008, 12:52
NZ 2.

757 - 767.

Why cross train when I understood that both aircraft are on the same pilot's type-rating!

24th Nov 2008, 22:36
Better still why dont they have two 767's instead of 757 & a 767?

25th Nov 2008, 00:21
Hmm, didn't know that sharpie - interesting.

Well why NOT have a 757 and a 767 Skystar?


25th Nov 2008, 00:41
Well having one of each would certainly increasing operating costs, by having too of the same type means decreased costs

25th Nov 2008, 02:50
Actually the operating costs are fixed since they are damp leased and engines, block checks etc are all accounted for in the lease rate.
Fuel flow is an issue and the 757 is a good aircraft to substitute on lighter runs which would be not so economical with a 767.

Therefore the 757 and 767 combination is less expensive than a pair of 767, and have more lift than a pair of 757.

The common type rating is helpful but only for pilots and not engineers.

25th Nov 2008, 07:48
Mach E Avelli
I think 146-100's can operate into gravel runways with high floation gear.
Not totally sure though.

Mach E Avelli
25th Nov 2008, 23:30
There's more to the gravel kit than just the high float gear. The belly must have a fibreglass protection strip and I am not sure whether the nose gear must have a deflector or special chined tyres to stop debris going up into the engines. In any case, although much of the development work was done when the Poms were trying to drum up interest for the aircraft in developing areas, it never got certified as far as I am aware. Probably because they needed a minimum order of 10 to pay for the approvals and most countries in the market for such a beast could only afford to buy one or two at the most.
Not to say someone couldn't pick it up and run with it, as all the design work and initial performance data has to be out there somewhere. But dealing with the PNG CAA or CASA to get it approved for commercial operations? Good luck!
Pity, because the Avro RJ would make a great semi-STOL dirt runway jet in a specialised application. But, expensive to operate, so it would take a Lihir Gold to afford it.

27th Nov 2008, 04:41
Thanks for the info Mach E Avelli

Checklist Charlie
5th Dec 2008, 07:31
Not strictly Air Niugini but I notice in todays Oz that the PNG CAA is advertising for a whole raft of positions:
Chief Operating Officer
Executive General Managers for Flight Safety, Aviation Services and Stategy and Future Directions.

Australian based headhunter RD Collins & Associates | Welcome | Aviation consultants, executive coaching (http://www.rdcollins.com.au) is looking after the 'search'

There is a familiar name there to anyone thats been in this game for more than the last few years.

the wizard of auz
5th Dec 2008, 10:14
All part of the soon to come finger pointing when failing the ICAO audit, and failure to implement the suggested changes from the last audit.
Heads will roll and fingers will point.......... watch this space.

Mach E Avelli
6th Dec 2008, 01:19
Did the PNG CAA fail the ICAO audit? Not at all surprising if they did, as they are totally dysfunctional. If so, stand by for even more leased-in foreign flag aircraft as it will be the only way PNG operators will be able to fly internationally. Or else somehow the PNG government will have to allow another country's CAA to take over the aviation safety oversight. Oh, the loss of face. A shame, because Pixie for all its faults, is quite capable of running international services.

the wizard of auz
6th Dec 2008, 03:00
Audit is next year I believe. And they will fail it...... pretty sure. the ass covering has begun already. read the Australian job adverts for proof of that.
If you don't allocate resources to the people who are meant to do the job, how can they do it?. Pixi is probably quite capable of complying with what is required, but if what is required to pass an audit cannot be implemented into the system due to lack of resources, how can they be expected to comply with non existent ICAO standard legislation?.
A big can of worms...... and exactly what you would expect from a corrupt and disintegrating government that is to all purposes being run by incompetents and is essentially broke. :ugh:
a potentially good airline that is struggling to operate in a bent and broken system.

6th Dec 2008, 06:26
a potentially good airline that is struggling to operate in a bent and broken system.

"Potentially good airline", certainly but doesn't do itself many favours.

Business in PNG relies on corruption, bribes and payments over and above the statutory charges all government authorities levy in a "user pays" environment.

Trying to change that system is beyond me and dare I say, beyond anybody changing it.

Why would the pollies/certain public servants/business leaders change something that keeps them well rewarded with real estate in Cairns or Sydney or Brisbane.


the wizard of auz
6th Dec 2008, 08:14
My point exactly. admittedly they dont do themselves too many favors, but I'm sure they could rise to the challenge of being a better airline if the infrastructure they have to work within was upgraded and they had to be compliant.:ugh: never happen I know.
tomus Pek pek bilong bullamacow long PNG. :rolleyes:

8th Dec 2008, 03:35
The ICAO audit is looking at how good the PNG CAA (Regulator) is, not how good PX (operator) is able to operate internationally so unfortunately CAA wil fail the audit thus PX will be downgraded & possibly banned from flying certain international routes.
As someone said, px has its problems but it is able to "self regulate" its own operations and maintain a very high safety standard.

8th Dec 2008, 04:12
As MACH.85 rightly points out, if the PNG CAA fails the ICAO Audit that tends to negate and call into question approvals. delegations and oversight by the CAA of the PNG aviation environment both internationally and domestically.

It is also noted that 2 recent CAA Audits of PX have been less than glowing in their findings. I heard the word 'dysfunctional' used to describe the state of the airline.

the wizard of auz
8th Dec 2008, 06:09
Thats sort of what I was trying to say, just not worded very well. :ok:

9th Dec 2008, 03:29
"It is also noted that 2 recent CAA Audits of PX have been less than glowing in their findings. I heard the word 'dysfunctional' used to describe the state of the airline."

I guess that a contributing factor is, that it's not easy to find expat staff. Quite hard finding any expats that want to move to Moresby to live and work and so it would appear there is a problem with adequate staffing levels, thus (in my opinion) a reason the word 'dysfunctional' may have been used due to the back log of work.


9th Dec 2008, 09:07

And so this argument goes around and around. Why is it so difficult to attract expat staff? Suggest it is not POM itself, but poor management that sees honest and trying staff come and go with monotonous regularity before completing their contracts. Do we again have to recite the senior managers that have come and gone during the reign of the current CEO. Either the recruitment process is all wrong, or there is something wrong at the top.

Sad, but don't expect you will agree.


9th Dec 2008, 09:55
NewZealand2 & DingoMuddy

Both of you are so close to the truth it doesn't matter.

DHC8 Driver
9th Dec 2008, 14:30
Air Niiugini has just recently passed it's IOSA audit. Apparently not everyone (ie: IATA) thinks it is a basket case!!

9th Dec 2008, 20:14
I partly agree with you, however not all of the staff that were let go suddenly were 'honest and trying staff'. Maybe a lot were, i don't know, but certainly a good few weren't honest and trying.


Waghi Warrior
9th Dec 2008, 22:56
I agree Dingo totally.
NZ2,in regard to "honest and trying staff" I know what you mean,and I have seen it with an engineer who left about 6 months ago. This bloke had been with the company for quite a few years,and really just lost the plot. Maybe someone in managemnet should be looking at why he just gave up,he wasn't a pen it off engineer either,he actually did try and fix things.

Waghi Warrior
9th Dec 2008, 23:01
Any truth in the rumour that a well know F100 Captain (Sepik),is going to be the new GM for Flying OPS ?

9th Dec 2008, 23:21
Off the subject BUT

The Cairns Post|06 December 2008
COOKE, Grey Maxwell - Late of Duffy Street, Freshwater, Cairns. Grey passed away peacefully, at the Cairns Base Hospital, on Friday morning 5th December 2008, aged 63 years.

Grey was one of the characters.

10th Dec 2008, 03:26
Sad to see Grey leave so early. Haere Ra.

Yes. Grey was one of the characters as you say and no doubt a few XXXX will flow today at the Cairns wake. I'll have a few Singha's later in salute.

I recall that Grey was the first recipient of ANG's CRM teaching techniques when the new FAM gave him a fat-lip at the Southern Cross Hotel BEFORE the course had even started.
The new FAM was subsequently demoted back to a line driver! ho ho what days.

10th Dec 2008, 04:18
DH8 Driver

IOSA audit.:ugh:

A 'tick the box' audit of the finest kind.:rolleyes:

There is no such thing as a 'pass or fail' of an audit. It is the gravity of the findings that are the indicator of the health or otherwise of the organisation.

Mind you enough serious non-compliances raised from a regulator could see an AOC varied, FPP or SP approvals revoked and the like.

How close is Pixie to that ?

10th Dec 2008, 07:00
K70m Xmas gift for national carrier
NATIONAL flag carrier Air Niugini has received a K70 million Christmas present from the National Government.
Treasurer and Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch yesterday presented a cheque worth K70 million to assist Air Niugini to cover the initial deposit on a new aircraft.
Mr Pruaitch, in presenting the funds to Air Niugini board chairman Sir James Tjoeng and chief executive officer Wasantha Kumarasiri, said the K70 million was from the Government’s 2008 supplementary budget.
He said a further K30 million had been allocated to Air Niugini as part of next year’s national budget.
Mr Pruaitch said most of the K70 million would go towards covering the initial deposit for purchasing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Air Niugini, as a State-owned entity, is allocated funds from the National Government annually to ensure it refleets its aircraft fleet.
The airline has, in the last two years, introduced six Fokker 100 aircraft and six Dash 8 to improve its domestic services.
Sir James and Mr Kumarasiri, in receiving the cheque, thanked the Government for its contribution to the airline.
Sir James said the new aircraft was timely as it would coincide with the development of the multi-billion-kina PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
Mr Kumarasiri said while most of the monies would go towards covering the airline’s future aircraft requirement, international travellers to and from PNG would have the privilege of experiencing the technologically-advanced and improved comfort of a Boeing 787 aircraft in the near future - subject to Boeing’s
delivery schedule.
In October this year, Air Niugini was on the verge of suspending its services to Japan due to non-profitability and lack of external support.
However, the Government stepped in and assured to assist with a K12 million subsidy.
This is expected to come out in the future budget.
Air Niugini currently has 18 aircraft and operates to 10 international and 18 domestic destinations.
Nation Stories

10th Dec 2008, 11:14
Please do your homework before your next post :eek:
-FII is of course approved by PNG DCA for all PX operation, including ETOPS and POM-KUL is NOT too far for B-757.

11th Dec 2008, 00:13
The IOSA audit is certainly not a rubber stamp it that’s what “tick the Box” means.
At the end of this year dozens of airlines will lose their IATA member ship for failing to qualify. I think they will consider it a pass or fail due to the down side on noncompliance.
The audits are carried out by internationally recognized independent consultants and prove conformance with a relatively rigid standard. (Certainly a far better audit than anything performed by PNG CAA in the recent past)

PX has also laid in many additional QA staff recently under the current CEO and the culture of ignoring audit findings immediately after the audit is completed has started to diminish. Much of this is due to the IOSA requirements so overall it is a process that is bringing change to an industry that could use some standardization on policy and procedures.

11th Dec 2008, 09:24
Agree IOSA is no joke.

May I ask a few questions please?
1) have any mock IOSA Audits previously been undertaken and if so, when?
2) If so, how many such IOSA audits have been undertaken and during what period have they been undertaken?
3) Who was/were the CEO(s) during this period?
4) Who was responsible for ignoring previous audit findings?
5) where does the buck stop?


11th Dec 2008, 22:01
PX CEO should be sacked

THE Government must admit that Air Niugini is a failed business venture.
To give the airline another K70 million on top of K12 million is a slap in the face of domestic travellers who are still trying to recover from the increase in domestic fares.
Why should taxpayers’ money be used to prop up this airline time and again?
As a layman, I fail to understand this type of assistance.
The Government should either sell Air Niugini or sack the chief executive officer and appoint a new board and managers.
They are only good at raising airfares and making feeble excuses.
Airlines PNG should be given the rights to cover similar routes as Air Niugini so we, the travelling public, can at least have the freedom to select which airline to use.
I commend Airlines PNG for making an effort to reduce the burden on Papua New Guineans.
Your recent deals are hard to beat.

M Dokup
Mt Hagen

I simply laugh at these letters. Yea...coz sacking the entire management team will solve everything. NOT!
Maybe he can tell the government where to find the replacements before
he instructs them to fire everyone.
I'm glad he recognises he is a layman and for that reason does not understand.


11th Dec 2008, 23:04
The fact that APNG can continue to be profitable when faced with an unfairly govt. propped up airline brings up many questions on just how well Pixie is run. Maybe they should have a look at how APNG does bussiness, with no protected, subsitised routes with government hands out every time that they stuff up, and yes they produce a good profit not loss.

12th Dec 2008, 03:26
Believe ex Talair and Pixie Engineer Jeremy Cooke was one of the five Kiwis on the Air New Zealand A320 that came to grief in the Med.

12th Dec 2008, 03:54
correct HANOI

12th Dec 2008, 05:01
1) have any mock IOSA Audits previously been undertaken and if so, when?
Mock IOSA audits were conducted at PX, one full and some partials.
2) If so, how many such IOSA audits have been undertaken and during what period have they been undertaken?
The full audit was very early and I believe was used as a guide for IOSA rewrites in all manuals. Secondly were the work shops this was a big effort involving every department with perhaps 6 consultants. Then the IOSA audit followed by more workshops to address findings. The end result was a serious change in procedures with the addition of a number of new policies standard to the IATA model.
3) Who was/were the CEO(s) during this period?
CEO was W. Kumarasiri during the exercise, not sure if he initiated the IOSA initiative however.
4) Who was responsible for ignoring previous audit findings?
Previous audit malpractice was I think a culture throughout the company, accountability was simply not enforced. The result was that findings were addressed in writting but never implemented the root causes were not addressed and audit findings tended to be repetative over the years. All the people who tried to reverse this were unsuccessful.
5) where does the buck stop?
Good question.

I think the IOSA audit finally woke up enough people to the possibility of IATA dropping PX from the club that a serious culture change was initiated. I wonder if this will last certainly hope so.

18th Dec 2008, 12:10
LVDT, you give an IOSA Audit more credibility than it deserves in this instance.

PX underwent the Audit in October 2007 and then had 12 months to return the ISARP's.

The airline's biggest challenge has been its (in)ability to adequately address the findings of the PNG CAA Audits of May and August 2008. I understand the term "dysfunctional" was used by the Lead Auditor to describe the airline in his summary of those findings.

I am also hearing noises currently suggesting some changes are afoot although the proposed alternative to the incumbent is not seen as an appropriate person. Perhaps another 'dummy spit' will see the airline get its way again.

20th Dec 2008, 02:59
TF-FIY (winglets) is now registered P2-ANB (which seems really odd, what has happened to the F100 registered P2-ANB??)


21st Dec 2008, 14:50
It was returned to its previous operator for a some reson. But the new P2-ANB looks really good. I look forward to be flying that bird (again).

21st Dec 2008, 22:08
Is she in full Pixie colours??


22nd Dec 2008, 23:18
Hope it works haven't done this for a while.
Not good quality pics.

23rd Dec 2008, 01:42
Thanks very much for the pics. Liking the bird on the winglet. Tail looks odd though - out of proportion or something??


Nil Ident
23rd Dec 2008, 10:22
That,Sir is the national Flying Cockroach on the WingLet and Tail, not a "Bird"!!!!:rolleyes:

24th Dec 2008, 00:47
Thanks MFB 2

Much appreciated for showing us the pics.


24th Dec 2008, 08:15
That,Sir is the national Flying Cockroach on the WingLet and Tail, not a "Bird"!!!!

Only for the ignorant

25th Dec 2008, 03:41
Merry Christmas to the crew of Air Niugini :)


25th Dec 2008, 07:24
In my experiences with Air Niugini, the cockroaches are on the inside of the aircraft, not painted on the outside.

25th Dec 2008, 12:43
A little off topic but how does anyone get a start at Air NG?? i have F100 PIC time and never heard a peep from them for 1 year now????

25th Dec 2008, 23:00
Insert Name
Try [email protected]<hidden>
It will not be a speedy response and be advised that entry into PX is via the dash or RHS of the F100 unless your a 2000 hr Icelantic FO.

31st Dec 2008, 00:23
From todays Post Courier at
Post-Courier Online (http://www.postcourier.com.pg/20081231/wehome.htm)

Basically, a "Security man" took K100 from a booked passenger having been denied boarding on a supposably full flight, obtained baggage tags and a boarding pass for that passenger. Even by PNG standards, this sort of thing stinks.

OK, Grammon and Rakum, problem bilong yu.

Air Niugini needs honest, transparent staff
I took my mother inlaw to the airport for her return flight to Mt Hagen ( 3 ) three hours & thirty minutes before her boarding time but was
told by the staffs at the check in counter that the flight was already full. While waiting at the counter to see their supervisor a Papuan
lady by the Name of Alu some other passengers numbering 10 to 15 all joined me in the que having faced the same faith.
We all expected something good from her but was told by her that the flight was already full and asked us to come back the next day for the
morning flight so most of the passengers went back while I, my mother inlaw and one of my brother who was also denied a seat on that flight
waited to see if a miracle could happen in the last minute because we did not want to take our cooked food bought with our hard earned money
for our loved ones in Hagen to be taken back home.
While waiting a Air Niugini Security came and took my brother`s ticket and asked him to give K100.00 to take it to a staff at the counter to
help allocate a seat so my brother without delay gave the security guard a K100.00 and he took the ticket into the check in counter area and
several minutes later came back with a boarding pass and some baggage tegs for his three bags which is in excess of the required 16 kilo per
He then gave the boarding pass to my brother and assisted him to get pass the security check into the departure lounge leaving his baggage
behind for him to put the tegs on and put them through without going to the weighing scale so my brother`s K100.00 planned to use with
Friends & Family in Hagen was given to this dishonest staffs .
My mother inlaw who was to return on that flight was denied so we went back and came back very early the next day @<hidden> 4.30am.
Can the management look into to this problem because the traveling public have already felt the pain on Air niugini`s really expensive fares.
Happy New Year.

Ekit Kuu Kange

2nd Jan 2009, 03:52
Is P2-ANB up and running? Has TF-FII left?

2nd Jan 2009, 06:24
Yes P2-ANB was in Brissie today operating however i cannot answer re TF-FII having left as yet.


2nd Jan 2009, 11:23
The Icelanders are only here for the short-term, aren't they?? 6 months or something like that...

I think it's a good thing for PX to get type-rated guys to fill in, while the F-100 pilots are trained to fly the big birds. :8

4th Jan 2009, 13:23
Sir Dan Leahy passed away in Toowoomba late tonight.

Dan was on the Board of PX for many years.

5th Jan 2009, 11:57
More from the Post Courier

Post-Courier Online (http://www.postcourier.com.pg/20090105/mohome.htm)

"Grenade found in aircraft seat"

Briefly a grenade was found in an aircraft seat pocket and suspected to be from a passenger who boarded at Buka.

That would be the same Buka that loaded a consignment containing mercury last year and ultimately grounded 2 F100's whilst they were decontaminated. The article goes on to also mention finding a grenade launcher on a APNG flight from Kikori to Hagen.

Don't you just love PNG.:confused:

Trex wantok
29th Jan 2009, 22:52
G'Day All,
A little of the subject, but does any one know why APNG is helping Airniugini cadets get hours with them while Airniugini is pinching APNG the most experience pilot thru the back door. I dont know gents but its just looks like APNG is really bending over on this deal and let Airnokat give it to them up the tail pipe.:ugh:

29th Jan 2009, 23:23
I think you will find its a cash flow thing:ok:.. PX pay the salary of the cadets therefore APNG get free co-pilots:hmm:. Makes sense until a cadet bends 1 :ooh:

3rd Feb 2009, 06:26
How many Cadets are flying with APNG? My guess would be zero.

Trex wantok
3rd Feb 2009, 08:51
5 cadets just got the 500tt they were looking for to start on the dash8 went back to Airniugini a couple of weeks ago, 5 new ones are under training as we speak if they have'nt been cleared to line already and about 10 more waiting not counting the lot that A.N just send last year to auss for pilot training.

4th Feb 2009, 11:56
I see the Pixie CEO is advertising for an Executive Wantok. Air Niugini Limited - Career Opportunity (http://www.airniugini.com.pg/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=296&Itemid=104)

Now I wonder who that position has been created for.:eek: It's a pity the required qualifications didn't include some knowledge and understanding of aviation and airlines. Still being a bean counter apparently is enough.:ugh:

5th Feb 2009, 04:05
Thanks Trex. I shouldn't believe all I hear at the aero club.

5th Feb 2009, 04:38
P2-ANA is on a 5 year lease from Icelainder aswell.

Their old B767 was Air New Zealand ZK-NCE which is now in Europe.

There was a bring drama, PX was suppose to Buy a BI B767, two at the time hadnt been refurbished inside. BI were selling them as they were buying B777's off Air France. Now the deal fell through, dont know the reason.
By the time PX relized, they had already returned NZ B767 and NZ had leased it to another company in Europe.

David Billings
5th Feb 2009, 06:51
New Management Wantok

With all those position tasks which assist the CEO and all the requirements to plan strategy and a five year plan and whatever else is needed to be done by the new dogsbody, you'd have to wonder what the rest of the Management Team is going to do......take a long holiday maybe ?:rolleyes:

5th Feb 2009, 09:35
you'd have to wonder what the rest of the Management Team is going to do?????????

Precisely what they do now or are allowed to do now....very little.
This man trusts no-one, cannot afford to trust anyone, and it is the hand-picked puppet who will do everything his master desires.

5th Feb 2009, 10:00
Hand picked puppet, now why does that cause a particular name (:mad: ) to immediately spring to mind. :{

I might be getting a little toey:ok:

Waghi Warrior
9th Feb 2009, 02:28
Rumour is that Air Niugini is going to engage a recruiting company in the UK to do the sourcing of pilots,at the cost of about 10 grand a succesful applicant ? :confused::confused:

What's wrong with the Kiwis ?

chimbu warrior
9th Feb 2009, 02:48
Just what PX needs, a bunch of Pommie crew.

9th Feb 2009, 09:40
Tried then once with a 73! Certainly did not like to fly, in fact made Seagull look like an ace.:)

Trex wantok
4th Mar 2009, 12:13
Hi Waghi Warrior,
My guess is most of the kiwis not ALL that got to PNG before, ruined it for all the other good kiwis looking for a jobs. Rumours is that PX just hired 3 kiwis from Air Nelson for the Dash8,APNG hired some kiwis for the Otter too so hope these boys will do a better job then the last guys that left his wife and kids in POM and took off with their life savings coz he thinks that the wife and kids were holding his career back. Of all the places in the world to ditch a family....... P N G??????:ugh:

4th Mar 2009, 15:14
Employ a few more dinki di's or a gaggle from further west. I know of some from a great continent who would bust their to PNG. refugee boat or by plane. Keep the k1 w1's out by all means.:rolleyes:

8th Mar 2009, 14:00
Px have had a fair run at recruitment in OZ over the last couple of years with a fair bit of goodluck and also a lot of bad luck with blokes not comming up to par in the Sim , this is by no means a reflection on the oz pilots (of whom I am 1) however it is a reflection of the now finished pilot shortage as PX has been forced to look at candidates who they would never previously have considered.
The 5 Kiwis who have been hired recently come from a well structured airline enviroment (That dosn't mean its a happy enviroment) and have certainly meet the standard and Im sure PX is looking forward to more arriving as in PNG its better to have a pilot who want to be there than one who has to be there.

By the way Sharpie Arn't you originally a K1W1.........................:eek:

sid Otoole
9th Mar 2009, 01:08
It begins next tue week the 17TH.

Thats when the fun will start

9th Mar 2009, 01:38
From todays National:..............................

Questions raised over CAA safety standards By YEHIURA HRIEHWAZI
SERIOUS questions have been raised about the standard of air safety in Papua New Guinea, ahead of an audit of the country’s air safety regulator by the world’s top aviation safety authority next week.
In a worst case scenario, if PNG fails the audit, Australia and other countries could refuse landing rights to PNG registered aircrafts.
Reliable sources have revealed to The National that certain actions by the Civil Aviation Authority’s executive management had undermined and interfered with the work of senior technical staff of the Air Safety and Regulations division of the CAA and had cast serious doubt on the integrity of PNG’s aviation regulatory office.
It is understood that Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is watching the situation very closely.
Experts from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will be in PNG from next Tuesday to March 23 to audit the work of CAA.
Similar audits by ICAO had resulted in Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda, and Egyptian Airlines being prevented from flying to several countries, including many in Europe, industry sources said.
“If CAA fails the audit, the worst case scenario is that Air Niugini would not be allowed to fly to Australia,” a source said.
Other smaller airlines that fly to Australia could also be affected, except Airlines PNG which operates Australian-registered aircraft that undergo stringent safety and inspection procedures.
At the centre of the controversy are two types of Russian-built helicopters operating in PNG without certification – Mil-8s and KA-32s.
They are operated by two private companies, servicing mostly resource project areas.
On Feb 6, CAA chief executive officer Joseph Kintau admitted to The National that the Mil-8s and KA-32s had been operating in PNG since 1986 without certification (P2).
CAA laws require that foreign aircraft operating in PNG must be put on the register within a year or be removed.
The National tried in vain to get Mr Kintau’s clarification on the matter last week.
Well-placed sources within the industry told The National that CAA’s safety regulator initiated a certification process with operators of the two aircraft about six years ago and, in March 2006, the two companies submitted their applications for certification but were rejected on the grounds that they did not meet PNG certification standards.
An independent overseas consultant on safety, a Kirrill Bolonkin, was also brought in to give a second opinion on the CAA findings and confirmed that the aircraft did not meet PNG standards.
The KA-32 had been subsequently grounded and is sitting at the PNG Defence Force Air Squadron base in Port Moresby.
In April 2006, the safety regulator stopped all passenger carrying operations of the Mil-8s that were used by the two operators and were only restricted to load-carrying operations provided they meet PNG’s restricted category certification requirements by last May 31.
This did not open and the operators were liable for prosecution under the Civil Aviation Act.
However, the operators allegedly obtained a letter of approval from CAA boss Mr Kintau to operate the aircraft on a commercial basis.
Sources said that letter had been extended a number of times – the most recent approval would expire this year.
Last December, Mr Kintau issued a “directive” to the safety regulator to amend the “operations specifications” to include the Mil-8 aircraft in order for them to operate.
The regulator refused to sign the amendment and instead told Mr Kintau that if he wanted it done, then he should sign it himself with the stamp of his office.
That was done and the Mil-8s were now operational despite advice to the contrary from the safety regulator.

Mr Kintau is being a very naughty boy. I wonder if the usual PNG inducement was involved here. It would not be normal if it wasn't.


9th Mar 2009, 11:38
Yessir that is correct and the government even sent me a new passport in January '09.

Just stirring really and tend to agree with you after having recently been in an area far worse than PNG may ever be, or I certainly hope will not be, and of couse not silly enough to enumerate the problems experienced in this forum.

It has been stated that if CAA fail the coming ICAO audit that PX may not be able to operate to/from Oz. Now what about the other countries to which PX operates. Will they be banned from all other international destinations?

Cheers to Sid and keep up the good work.

Mach E Avelli
9th Mar 2009, 22:35
Sharpie, I think this is the way the ICAO grading works. Cat 1 means OK to fly anywhere, only subject to the usual bi-lateral route agreements etc. Cat 2 is OK between countries in agreeement e.g. Australia accepts Indonesia but JAR-land and FAA does not. Cat 3 is a no-no outside the offending country's borders, i.e. aircraft on that registry are banned from all international activity. Now, it may be different in Africa, where I guess adjoining countries could be cat 3 and if they happen to be not shooting at each other this week maybe they just get on with it.

10th Mar 2009, 02:22
CAA expert replaced for his strict stance: Report
A CIVIL Aviation Authority’s airworthiness expert in PNG has been replaced because of his strict adherence to safety standards, aviation industry sources said yesterday.
The engineering and safety expert (named) is an Australian who was the prime figure in charge of certification programmes of the controversial Russian-built helicopters – Mil-8s and KA-32s.
His contract was not renewed when it expired last November.
The expert had grounded the KA-32s for several years and removed the Mil-8s from operations around last May when they did not meet PNG’s certification standards.
However, CAA chief executive Joseph Kintau is alleged to have over-ruled that decision and issued a directive for the regulator to allow the helicopters to fly again.
Industry sources said this officer’s superiors in the air safety division of CAA recommended that the engineering expert be retained and his contract renewed but Mr Kintau rejected his retention outright.
Mr Kintau is understood to have recruited another person who resigned from CAA two years ago over some professional disagreements.
Aviation sources described the Australian, who had left the country, as a “very competent and incorruptible” person.
“They need to be if the office of the regulator is to maintain its impartiality and integrity,” a source said.
The airworthiness expert returned to Australia last weekend, causing ripples in the aviation circles, both in PNG and in Australia.
International Civil Aviation Organisation’s auditors will be in PNG next week to probe CAA’s regulatory and safety procedures and, if PNG fails the audit, PNG-registered aircraft could be refused entry to other countries.
Meanwhile, aviation sources said Air Niugini was concerned about what was happening at CAA and would like to see the Australian’s contract renewed as he was involved in the certification of one of its newly acquired aircraft. Air Niugini won an international safety award last month.
The National also understands that the Minister for Works, Transport and Civil Aviation, Don Polye, has been briefed on the seriousness of the situation at CAA and he wanted to see the problems resolved as soon as possible.
In another development, Mr Kintau was alleged to have threatened the sacking of another expatriate recently in the CAA safety division, over the Mil-8s certification issue during a heated discussion.
The National contacted the expatriate yesterday but he refused to confirm or deny the incident in the media, saying he was a contract officer working according to the rules.
Mr Kintau has not responded to a series of questions hand-delivered to his office last week followed by numerous telephone calls – even as late as yesterday afternoon.
Meanwhile, Eastern Highlands Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith, who owns Pacific Helicopters, is said to be fuming over the revelations and had indicated raising the issue in Parliament.

10th Mar 2009, 03:34

I get the impression from some posts that people expect changes to happen overnight after an audit. Even if such an audit returns poor level of sarps, it may take 3-4 months before any reports are made public, or even longer, though the regulatory body would be well aware of the results before then.

10th Mar 2009, 03:41
Sharpie, the relationship between Kintau and Kela-Smith is an open secret in the PNG aviation circles.

It is those sort of activities that continue to drag down the whole country, I have a feeling that PX is going to suffer the repercussions of activities not entirely of their own doing.

They are naturally not imune from similar sorts of things either of course.

Mach E Avelli
10th Mar 2009, 04:39
Sharpie, as long as CAA is run at a local level, I don't believe it will EVER change for the better - audit or no audit. The audit is only going to make official in ICAO-land what they already know.

The only way that PNG CAA could be fixed now within any reasonable time-frame would be to clean it out and have a reputable foreign civil aviation authority run it under contract. Many years ago the FAA were in several Middle Eastern countries and the UK CAA had a heavy influence in their former colonies, so the concept of one country's authority running another country's CAA is not new. Maybe unpalatable to some of the locals, because of the colonial overtones. The Aussies handed them a fairly good civil aviation structure and all they have done since is completely run it down.

Then there is the problem of money. Without LOTS of it, the infrastructure will never be fixed. Also without money to pay good salaries and offer good expatriate conditions, the CAA there will never attract people of the right calibre in sufficient numbers to sort it all out.

10th Mar 2009, 05:37
Yes. and when the Aussie ran the show, we had hundreds of aircraft to pay fees, airways, landing, navigation, registration, licencing, for salaries, airport upkeep and the myriad other costs involved. How many aircraft are currently registered in PNG 60+. and how can such a number pay for the overheads, let alone SAR etc without increasing fees?

Maybe fit satellite tracking transponders to aircraft for position updates, have a central traffic advisory control system, there are ways of improving the system, reduce DCA staff to bare minimum, but then again you get social implications.

Ah life in paradise.

11th Mar 2009, 00:35
The National Nation | The National Newspaper (http://www.thenational.com.pg/031109/nation2.php)

CIVIL Aviation Authority (CAA) chief executive officer Joseph Kintau says a controversial Russian-built helicopter, Mil 8, can be certified to operate in PNG on cargo-carrying runs only.
In the meantime, a helicopter company, Pacific Helicopters, is seriously considering suing the CAA and the Government for “millions of kina” for lost revenue because of safety issues surrounding the Mil8, its owner and Eastern Highlands Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith told The National yesterday.
Mr Kintau has admitted that the Mil8 and another Russian-built chopper, KA-32, have been operating in PNG since about 1986, without certification.
CAA safety regulators have grounded the KA-32 for the last three years and ordered the Mil8 to stop operations until they met PNG safety standards.
However, Mr Kintau intervened and allowed the Mil-8 to operate only on cargo runs.
He also admitted to refusing to renew the contract of a CAA regulator who was in charge of airworthiness and was the prime figure overseeing certification programmes of aircraft in PNG, including the Mil-8 and the KA-32.
However, aviation sources said the Australian expert had an impeccable track record as an aircraft engineer who licensed Boeing 707s and 747s and Airbus, and was highly recommended by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) as one of the best airworthiness inspectors
The National asked Mr Kintau yesterday to explain the certification process of Mil-8 but he did not answer the question.
“I will not be dragged into a media tussle of justifying my actions in relations to the Mil8 and also the non-renewal of an employment contract of the expatriate ‘CAA expert’,” Mr Kintau said in a three-page statement.
“As director, I have made a decision on the balance of expert advice, the policies and plans guiding the operations of CAA, and I am satisfied that the decisions I make are sound and to the best interest of CAA and PNG,” he said.
He said noted a report by Australian consultant Kirrill Bolonkin (of Russian origin) that the PNG CAA had grounds to certify the Mil-8 to operate only on cargo runs (no passengers) and that the “type acceptance certification may be issues for the Mil-8 AMT and Mil8 MTV.
The two models Mil-8 AMT and Mil-8 MTV are suitable for certification in the restricted category”.
Mr Kintau accused his former expert on airworthiness of being “selective” in his advice to his office “despite the technical advice from the Mil-8 expert.”
“There is nothing stopping CAA from certifying the aircraft under restricted (no passenger) category,” Mr Kintau said.
That being the case, The National asked Mr Kintau as to why they had not yet been certified but he did not respond.
Mr Kintau claimed that key industry players and he believed that the Australian, whose contract had expired, did not have the “right attitude nor the competence” to be part of the new Civil Aviation Safety Authority, therefore, his contract of employment was not renewed.
Sources laughed off Mr Kintau’s assertions.
In the meantime, Pacific Helicopter has lost out on lucrative contracts because of the controversy surrounding the Mil-8.
The National yesterday sought Mr Kela-Smith’s comments over the saga and he said he had to sell off his Mil-8 at a much reduced price back to the Russians because CAA could not get its act together to certify the choppers.
He said he respected the decision of the CAA regulators that the aircraft did not meet PNG’s certification standard so he sold it off to the Russians.

Kintau reckons he based his decisions on 'expert advice', ignoring expert advice would seem more accurate.

High 6
19th Mar 2009, 22:40
CAA may face lawsuits over chopper accidents
THE Civil Aviation Authority faces massive lawsuits for allowing the Russian-built Mil 8 helicopters to operate in PNG – one of them crashed and killed seven people and the other spilled a tonne of sodium cyanide in Central province.
Following revelations by The National that the Mil 8 helicopters were operating in PNG since 1986 without PNG’s P2 registration, plaintiffs with cases against the operators of the helicopters said yesterday they would seek to have CAA join their court cases as defendants.
A Mil 8 had a “hard-landing” in Finschhafen on Sept 10, 1992. Onboard were 22 passengers and several fuel drums.
On impact, the fuel drums burst into flames, incinerating seven passengers and injuring many others.
Aviation industry experts told The National last night that CAA regulations prohibited the aircraft from carrying highly inflammable substances with passengers.
Had the aircraft been certified to fly under PNG standards, they would not have flown the passengers and cargo together, the sources said.
CAA regulations also required that all foreign-registered aircraft must be flown out of PNG after 12 months of operations and then be certified to PNG standards and registered as P2 aircraft in order to fly again in PNG.
However, the CAA appeared to have allowed the Russian-built helicopters – Mil 8 and KA 32 (Kamov) – to remain in the country to date resulting in the fatal accidents.
A relative of one of the passengers killed in the Finschhafen crash said he and others would be revisiting the case to make sure that CAA took some responsibility for its alleged failure in allowing the helicopter to operate unregistered.
Meanwhile, Goilala villagers told The National yesterday that they had instructed their lawyer to include CAA in their K565 million claim against Hevi Lift, Orica and Tolukuma gold mine over an accident in March 2000 in which a Mil 8 helicopter spilled 1,000kg of poisonous sodium cyanide chemical into their creeks about 20km south of the mine.
Hevi Lift was one of the two companies in PNG that operated the Mil 8 choppers; Orica supplied the cyanide; and Tolukuma gold mine was the end user of the lethal chemical.
The villagers and the environment were allegedly affected by the spillage and a Port Moresby law firm, Naru Lawyers, had fixed the total quantum of damages at K565 million.
A leading consultant in the case against the three companies, David Bal of Microbal Consultants, said their lawyer Allan Baniyamai, of Baniyamai Lawyers, had been instructed to apply to the National Court to have CAA join the case as defendants because of its alleged negligence in certifying the helicopters to operate in PNG.
Mr Bal said they had decided on including CAA as the fourth defendant and possibly the State of PNG as the fifth defendant after reading in the newspaper that the Russian helicopters appeared to be operating illegally in PNG.
Mr Baniyamai confirmed that he would look at the legal and technical issues and determine if CAA could be sued as well for negligence.
Another helicopter company, Pacific Helicopters, told The National last week that it was seriously considering suing CAA for loss of “millions of kina” because it sold off its Mil 8 helicopter back to the Russians due to alleged indecision by CAA on whether or not the aircraft could operate in PNG.
Eastern Highlands Governor and Pacific Helicopters owner Malcolm Kela-Smith said he was losing millions of kina because CAA could not get its act together and decide if it could operate in PNG.
He said after he sold of his aircraft at a lower cost, CAA allowed the Mil 8s to operate.

Chimbu chuckles
23rd Mar 2009, 01:33
Surely there are more than 60 odd aircraft registered in PNG these days:ooh:

We had that many in Talair in its heyday.

Very sad to see PNG slipping further towards aviation oblivion...a country that relies so totally on aviation deserves better from its 'elected' leaders.

23rd Mar 2009, 02:03
Hi Chuckles,

60 + only a guess and a prod to get Sid or one of the minions to confirm numbers. But even if there are 100 plus, can that number generate sufficient revenue for the new DCA to become self-sufficient. I do not think so.

23rd Mar 2009, 05:01
Where does the revenue go that overflying foreign carriers pay for airspace use?
Does CAA get it?

Duck Pilot
24th Mar 2009, 11:44
Rumour has it that a Dash 8 300 had a tail strike at Lihir Island last night. Can anyone else confirm if this is true or not.

25th Mar 2009, 00:08
Did ANN have engine troubles in Kavieng after coming out of Tokua last week due Volcani ash?

25th Mar 2009, 05:01
We had that many in Talair in its heyday.

The peak was 69 aircraft prior to the same of the SE aircraft. How many were operating at any one time was another matter! :E

From memory, by the early 1980s, Talair was flying 44,000 hours in 85,000 flight sectors per annum and accounted for well in excess of 50% of all flying activity in PNG.

26th Mar 2009, 02:35
Ok then just how many aircraft, rotary and fixed wing are registered to operate in PNG for 2009. Any factual information? With elCid involved in an Audit, maybe he would/could hav e access to the information. Just a thought.:ok:

Disco Stu
26th Mar 2009, 05:41
PNG CAA Register here
Aircraft (http://www.casr.gov.pg/Aircraft.html)
No currency date so I don't know how accurate it is. It shows 185 aircraft.

There a couple of obvious errors like the Airlink aircraft and the F28-4000's that have been on holidays for a while now.:eek:

High 6
26th Mar 2009, 08:03
Good point raised by Dwarf Hunter on the raising of revenue from overflight charges. Where indeed does all that money go? It is a good ongoing source that is fairly constant. Indeed, if QF start operating the A380 through PNG airspace to Japan/Korea, maybe we can charge them double the normal rate, one for each deck.

Torres, for some reason I thought Talair had 80+ aircraft during the time I was with them, 1979 - 1983, but then again those memories are slightly obscured by recurring visions of empty brown bottles at the Lae Aero Club and trying to maintain my sanity in the roundhouse at Hoskins.:)

Trex wantok
14th Apr 2009, 16:21
Hi DuckPilot,
I havent heard the whole story myself I was hoping someone will throw some light on the matter but I guess not,I've heard about the airnogat boys coming into Lihir as late as 19:30-20:00Lc sometime I guess this time they have to force it in, your options out there are really limited at that time of the day plus wx wasnt helping.:hmm:

15th Apr 2009, 00:15
I see airnogat propose buying a Falcon 90 for use by mining charters and the government. Aparently the Kingair isn't big enough to carry the PM in the comfort he demands.

The abuse of the PNG populace by their elected representatives, business and public service(sic) sectors just beggars belief.:rolleyes::=

15th Apr 2009, 22:59
I see airnogat propose buying a Falcon 90 for use by mining charters and the government. Aparently the Kingair isn't big enough to carry the PM in the comfort he demands.

The abuse of the PNG populace by their elected representatives, business and public service(sic) sectors just beggars belief. :rolleyes: :=

Yes indeed - It is wrong on so many levels. His people are suffering from all sorts of things and all he can think about is buying a brand new private jet for himself. Go figure. 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely'

16th Apr 2009, 01:49
As I said in another post; at least they are conserving resources by buying the 900EX and not the 900-7!

Anyway, whoever is paying for the aircraft and stating that it will serve the nation by operating into regional airports, is I believe misleading the populace. With tyre pressures of some 200psi and small diameter wheels, the aircraft may well be limited to PM ops only. Maybe Nadzab, maybe Momote, but I think that other strips will be out! If used in Wewak, there is every chance that repairs to runway damage will exceed any financial benefit of going in there in the first place.

Let us be honest. This machine with 9 hour leg capability is more suitable to visit other countries and spots such as Cns, Bne, Syd, Can, Akl, Wln, Mnl, Jkt, Sin, Bkk,Dub, Pacific nations and other areas of greater interest.

I'd recommend a F70 with extra belly tanks for range, some compatibility to the F100 with staff trained both tech and amd. and able to operate to PNG domestic airports.:ok:

17th Apr 2009, 03:03
It would be the perfect gig for chuckles if he ever felt that way inclined

17th Apr 2009, 03:10
Wonder who got the block of flats for this one ??:D

21st Apr 2009, 12:13
I see that everyone is pretty much on the right track.

Semi Rigid
21st Apr 2009, 22:48
Reason for the purchase of the Falcon 900EX -
So The Chief Sir Michael Somare can avoid politically embarrassing incidents such as he created in Brisbane when asked to remove his shoes to pass through the x-ray machine so he could utilise the transit lounge BNE. How precious? He refused & there was a stand-off which he lost.

Chimbu chuckles
22nd Apr 2009, 02:33
troppo from what i hear the top handful of guys at PX have the 900 covered...as it should be too.:ok:

22nd Apr 2009, 03:46
Toys for the Boys:rolleyes:

Waghi Warrior
22nd Apr 2009, 22:07
Latest talk going around the 4th floor is that the F70 deal has fallen through and now they are looking at Q400s.

High 6
25th Apr 2009, 15:41
If this info is correct then that is good news WW. By the Q400, I presume you mean the Dash 8, I have heard that there a few floating around the sandpit and used by VIPS to go into some of the former Soviet Union countries for business and politics quite successfully. Those countries have operating challenges similar to PNG but at 30 degrees colder. :E

For my money, the Dash 8 is a much better option as the PM and team would be able to serve more destinations in PNG, the support infrastructure for the Dash 8 is already established and it would considerably cheaper. All international flying should be on PX, who could use the revenue.

But then again.... maybe the intent is to actually overfly the main land mass at FL430 enroute to Wewak, or other more illustrious destinations abroad. Mi no save!!

Kelly Slater
26th Apr 2009, 02:58
Only in Australia would we ask the Prime Minister of another nation to remove his shoes at an airport. What a discrace. Australia taught him to wear shoes then we make him take them off.

26th Apr 2009, 04:53
"Anyway, whoever is paying for the aircraft...."

I would have thought that would be clear - whilst Australia is gifting around $1 million to PNG every day, I guess it will be myself and the other Aussie tax payers? :{

Kelly, if The Chief travels as a normal airline passenger, on a scheduled airline, via the public airport domestic or international departure gates, he must be subject to the same normal Australian law as any other passenger, Diplomatic Passport regardless. Can't say I've ever seen him wear shoes, only sandals.

No doubt with the inteligencia we have manning airport security, the incident could have been handled far better.

Waghi Warrior
29th Apr 2009, 07:32
It's the Dash 8 Q400 they are looking at,rumour is that they want 2 by the end of the year to operate over the F100 routes. Aparently Lihir Gold and Oilsearch are also very interested because the aircraft has the legs to go direct to Brisbane from there sites at pritty much jet speeds. Obviously the payload would be sumwhat reduced down to about 50 pax. Crewing and maintaining the machines will be the biggest headache. PX can't crew all the Dash 8's they already have.

sid Otoole
4th May 2009, 04:53
I Iwll Getthe Numbers Checked But I Believe They Are In The Order Of Approx 95 Commercial And A Handfull Of Pvt Aircraft.

Leave It With Me For A Couple Of Days

4th May 2009, 10:56
......and while you are at it Syd, can you find the icao report that fell off the truck!


6th May 2009, 02:16
From today's Post Courier Drum 6 May 2009.


Sharing, caring
THANKS Qantas. Folk were quick to jump on Air Niugini for the delays to Oz flights on Monday but this time it was a Qantas 767 that broke down on the Jacksons tarmac. Maybe Qantas didn’t want to risk one of their newer planes and sent us an old one to fill the gap. Hope the overnight stay for the crew was not too frightening?

High 6
2nd Jun 2009, 11:35
Hey Sharpie and Sid, any update on that ICAO report. Is there a link where one can read a copy?

What's the latest on the Falcon/Dash 8 Q400 saga? :rolleyes:

2nd Jun 2009, 14:58
Minosave masta lon buk! For all the horiffic stories before the audit, silence prevails.

But I hear that the the three-holer Chieftan has been put on the back-burner for a wee while to allow heat to dissipate!

3rd Jun 2009, 02:56
Can I say that the 4 sectors that I have done with the PX Cabin crew on these QF Charters were a delight. They were professional, courteous, happy and appeared to be enjoying their work. It was a rare change of direction for us and I must also admit the overnight at the Airways Hotel at POM was very pleasant. Nice View from the restaurant!
Also the crew meals were a lot better than what we get in QF!

3rd Jun 2009, 03:49
Does anyone in the know, know the truth why Viva Macau ceased their relationship with Air Niugini and the767. Would have thought it was a great deal for both companies? Just curious not trying to stir the pot.

3rd Jun 2009, 06:05
Is not QF a code-share partner with PX. Why give $$$$'s to ZG when QF may have a few 76's available?

Just a thought.

3rd Jun 2009, 07:44
Sharpie True Maybe Viva thought they had already hit the "Jackpot" jokes aside being code share with QF why then spark up a relationship with ZG why not staight to QF, was ZG a better deal?

3rd Jun 2009, 11:50
I do not know, But Saigon should.

I think that you may find that when the deal was done with zg, qf were rather busy and could not spare an aircraft. Just a thought.

3rd Jun 2009, 15:38

I must agree PNG is a fantastic place for those aussies/nz/s ready for real flying and and a great time! I visit the place at least 5 times year great beer, great gals! live life on the wild side!


3rd Jun 2009, 23:19
Anybody here have any info on the Dash8Q400's that were rumoured about a while ago? :rolleyes:

Waghi Warrior
4th Jun 2009, 04:16
The Q400s are still in the plumbing. I have also heard that PX may have climbed up the ladder some what in regard to the 787 delivery. Possibly a few more Boeings on the way as well, mainly thanks to the resources boom in PNG at the moment. The XL Falcon saga has gone a bit quite in the past month or so, I guess the thing will show up sometime.



vee tail
4th Jun 2009, 11:06
Can any of you folk tell me are they recruiting at the moment. Have sent of a C.V and no reply a couple of times.
What is the best way to go about it with these guys any help appreciated either here or P.M. me please:ok:

Another remenant of that forging company Sky Air World #$%&@<hidden>#$%^&*^%[email protected]<hidden>#ards

the wizard of auz
4th Jun 2009, 11:56
Dude, if you still have my number, give me a ring. I have info for ya.:ok:

15th Jun 2009, 13:10
check your PM's

High 6
1st Jul 2009, 11:02
Things are a bit quiet on the PX front. Any updates on the B787, the elusive Falcon or the CAA Audit?

I hear there is a new CAA Ops inspector inbound... he is ex CASA and he mentioned that CASA were going to be a bit more involved with PNG CAA, not sure in what capacity though. Is this a result of the audit?

Waghi Warrior
3rd Jul 2009, 09:17
It's all happening the Q400s are coming so they recon,people have been offered jobs. Bit quite as to what the new guys have been offered. Just hope the company doesn't offer sweetheart deals to the direct entry captains just to get people to sign the contracts and get the thing going,as has been the situation in the past. What ever happened to time in country,this is/has being overlooked. Would you feel happy being in the back of an Air Niugini aircraft with your wife and kids,while the crew are trying to get into a place like Chimbu in marginal weather,and you knew the captain was experienced on type,but not very experienced in PNG,especially if he or she had a 500 hour cadet in the right seat ?

It will be interesting to see them get this program up and running,especially with engineering and the proving flights.

The ex CASA FOI,he would happen to be ex CASA Darwin would he ?

the wizard of auz
5th Jul 2009, 12:50
No, not DN. He isn't going over as an FOI either.

High 6
21st Jul 2009, 16:53
In the Post Guria today......

Tuesday 21st July, 2009

Govt eyes ‘open sky’ policy

By Gorethy Kenneth

THE Government is now closing in on open sky policy and by the end of this year should enter into Phase 1 of the operation.
This is the international competition allowing all domestic aviation routes with airlines being permitted to use aircraft of their choice on these routes.
And under the Air Service Agreements the Government is also negotiating the PNG South Korea route after the PNG/Fiji, PNG/Malaysia and PNG/Australia.
“The overall strategy is to seek to achieve fair and equitable opportunities for each country’s designated carrier,” Mr Polye said.
“When negotiating new bi-lateral air services agreements and reviewing existing ones, PNG will seek to incorporate:
- Multiple destinations;
- Multiple carriers;
- Airlines to determine capacity;
- Airfares determined by market forces and where an international fare can only be disallowed if both governments agree-known as “double disapproval pricing”;
- Liberal charter arrangements; and
- Practices that support fair and equitable competition.
“Full completion will be allowed on all domestic aviation routes with airlines being permitted to use aircraft of their choice on these routes, subject to safety and airport capacity requirements,” Mr Polye said.
“Foreign owned companies will be allowed to operate PNG’s domestic air transport market subject to them providing evidence that the equity holding of PNG citizens will be 51 per cent within five years of establishing the local operation.”
Mr Polye said this approach had been earmarked to enhance competition which would be introduced over an extended period and would be detailed as part of the long term National Strategy and should be made in phases:
- PHASE 1 – International Competition
- PHASE 2 – Encourage domestic operators to compete against other existing operators; and
- PHASE 3 – allowing full entry of international operators into domestic markets.
Air Niugini yesterday advised they were still undergoing negotiations therefore could not comment further.

21st Jul 2009, 18:17
They have had numerous Falcon drivers turn down the 900 gig as they wanted 12 mths in country contract.

Last I heard it was moving to a rotational contract and they were still testing the waters, the guys I know that were asked all turned it down.

Sounds like they dont want to pay for the experience they request.

23rd Jul 2009, 05:42
Referring to Waghi Warrior's post about 'in country time.' What HAS happened to that????
I hear ex Macair guys getting preference over blokes who have earnt their shot at PX.
I suppose it used to be considered 'gold' to have it.

23rd Jul 2009, 07:48
I've got PNG time and would like to apply but cannot find who to send CV's to. Can anyone help?


Gnd Power
23rd Jul 2009, 09:07

like a lot of big companies, a phone call to the HR department may very well be a good start.

Best of luck.

23rd Jul 2009, 11:10
Hey Gnd Power, any idea where to find that number?

23rd Jul 2009, 12:33
Not on their website, all you get is sales. :ugh:

24th Jul 2009, 02:27
+675 3273200

24th Jul 2009, 04:30
A big thankyou to dwarfhunter for your simple yet helpful reply.

Contact has now been established and the application submitted. :ok:

Waghi Warrior
26th Jul 2009, 08:38
In regard to the Falcon crews,I heard all the positions were given to national Boeing crews and that decision may have come from owners,ie the PNG government.

Just off the topic a bit,I drove past the Tribal Den today and the whole building had been burn't down,what happened there boys ? The city's nightlife has taken a serious blow,I'm crying ! :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

the wizard of auz
26th Jul 2009, 11:28
Burned down two weeks ago. funnily enough, it was on the last day of trading before it was to be closed for a huge renovation. Believed to be arson.

27th Jul 2009, 05:04
Omigod look at the Wiz's amended Location

From now on PNG will be known as the Land of the Unexpected and Unexplained!:=

Poor OzeX will never be the same............................................

and glad to be out of there:rolleyes:

the wizard of auz
27th Jul 2009, 11:16
From now on PNG will be known as the Land of the Unexpected and Unexplained!
Bwaahahaha..... Onya mate. :E

4th Aug 2009, 13:17
Not exactly unexpected, but certainly unexplained! :}

the wizard of auz
4th Aug 2009, 16:38
Yes, I do understand you have some expectations for me to live down too. :E

High 6
1st Sep 2009, 08:25
Any updates on the Falcon from those of you in the Land of the Unexpected? Em stap we?

1st Sep 2009, 11:07
High 6... Emi stap long hap. :ok:

Captain Nomad
1st Sep 2009, 11:19
Wanem hap stret? :E:}

the wizard of auz
1st Sep 2009, 13:14
stret long taim :E

14th Sep 2009, 01:57
Sad news for all those who had the opportunity to know Peter Sharpe

14th Sep 2009, 08:03
Re Sharpie

Can you give more details ?...what happened ?
Certainly unexpected !!!.

14th Sep 2009, 08:53
It is sad news but true.A great loss of a good man.

May he Rest In Peace


14th Sep 2009, 09:19
Yes, is true. Passed away Sunday. He had been ill for some time.
Am advised that Peter's funeral will be in Manila Saturday 19Sep09.


the wizard of auz
14th Sep 2009, 14:59
That is really sad news. I only just finished reading and deleting a couple of email from him last night. very unexpected, and very very sad. :{
R.I.P. Sharpie. I hope the last flight was a smooth one for ya mate. :sad:

14th Sep 2009, 19:37
Captain Peter Sharpe RIP.
I had the pleasure of working with Peter at Pixie in the early 1980's, not to mention a bit of throat oil at various venues around Port Moresby with him.
A true gentleman and will be sadly missed.

High 6
16th Sep 2009, 09:25
Sad to hear of Sharpies departure, he was a good friend, fellow aviator and never passed up a chance to share a cold SP.

It seems appropriate that I should be posting a last farewell to Sharpie on PNG Independence day, Sept 16, 2009, as the PNG aviation community and especially the PNG National Pilots have a lot to thank Sharpie for. He was a true wantok.

Peter was quite instrumental in getting National Pilots on to a cadet scheme in the very early narrow minded days of PX. The fruits of his work are now flying wide body jets at home and abroad in some of the worlds most successful airlines. He made it possible for some of us have a go at aviation, much appreciated. :ok:

Bamahuta Sharpie, rest well and thanks for all your support and efforts. Look forward to sharing a cold SP with you again one day.

Lukim yu!! High 6

30/30 Green Light
16th Sep 2009, 11:39
Worked with Sharpie in the old days ('70'S) a true gentleman and a very good friend for over 30 years. Sailed together,drank and laughed together.God speed old mate. Pull the yellow thing !!
:ok:30/30 Green Light

16th Sep 2009, 15:38
Goodbye Sharpie,One time neighbor,sailing mate and drinking partner at the yachtie.I always remember his usual greeting when I met him at the club which was -Gyday ya big cu_t as he looked up a half metre or so standing toe to toe.He was a backer to the national pilots and I always considered him a guy who threw himself into tasks where he thought he could make a difference.VB

17th Sep 2009, 08:40
This is a huge surprise and even greater shock to me. Sharpie was one of the first people I met in PNG, way back in 1984. So, yet another old PNG hand has taken the stairway to Heaven - gone but certainly not forgotten by all of his many friends and acquaintences.

Bamahuta ol' mate - rest in the peace that you most richly deserve.

tail wheel
17th Sep 2009, 09:55
Tributes to Sharpie HERE (http://www.pprune.org/dg-p-general-aviation-questions/389197-farewell-sharpie-2.html) please.

17th Sep 2009, 16:52
I am organising the farewell sailing race and send off for Peter Sharpe in Subic Bay in the Philippines. To our great surprise and sadness he died on Sunday after some brief illnesses that seemed to be of no great threat to his life. In the last 6 years or so he enthusiastically set up our racing club in Subic Bay which he ran with great patience and competence.

We will celebrate his life and his part in ours, on Saturday 18th by holding the races he planned and then toasting him on his way. His funeral will be in Manila on Sunday 19th.

I would be interested to receive any information about Peter which would help me put together an obituary that would honour him appropriately.

Jeremy Simpson

Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines
+63 918 903 4226

18th Sep 2009, 04:54
Sharpie in a DC3 MAG-POM around 1974 , taken by Barry Miles.


18th Sep 2009, 15:28
Wish I could see that one HANOI but it seems to require a log-in. :(

You can now! :ok:


Thanks tw! I like the new avatar too! :ok:

Waghi Warrior
25th Sep 2009, 00:44
RIP Sharpie you have done a lot for aviation in PNG not only Air Niugini. You will be sadly missed.

Rumour around the traps is than another couple of DH8-300s are on the way,possibly before the end of the year. Looks like there will be more hiring happening for those interested. The way it's going it looks like the Fokker 100s are a dying breed especially with the Q400s on the way.

Waghi Warrior
5th Nov 2009, 23:31
Has the Falcon arrived yet ?

19th Nov 2009, 02:12
From todays Post Courier

Our ‘jet coming’

ROLL up, roll up to see our new plane, folks. Yes, the word is you can welcome in the new K100 million government (or PX) Falcon 900EX jet on Monday at 11am at Air Niugini cargo tarmac space.

23rd Nov 2009, 00:18
P2-ANW ????

F900 was HNL-POM track earlier today.

23rd Nov 2009, 12:36
Yes, a big official welcome ceremony was held this morning adjacent to the PX Cargo terminal for the new executive PMV. Seems to be lots of people upset about it but Sir M has wanted a JET for many many years and he now finally has it. Determination has its own rewards, I guess, for some...

24th Nov 2009, 01:56
Airforce 1-Buai 1?

24th Nov 2009, 02:50
Gday Waghi Warrior.

Seems a shame the F100's are on the way out. How do the crews feel about that? Do they have to go on the Q400 now? Know what I would rather fly....

Not withstanding, isnt Air Niugini the launch customer for GNSS for the F100? seems a lot of money to spend on a avionics upgrade if the type is going to be retired?


High 6
25th Nov 2009, 18:46
Kim-ex, I didn't realise the F100's were being phased out. What is driving that decision? Does this mean all PX domestic will now be propeller driven, back to where we started in 1975 with the F27 and DC3.

As for Buai 1 ... very sad day for PNG seeing so much money being wasted on something so unnecessary as an exec jet while the majority of the people miss out on basics like essential health, education, housing, jobs etc, etc, etc....

Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind! :ugh:

26th Nov 2009, 00:16
K-Ex / High 6,

I don't think the F100's are being phased out. The pair of much publicised Q400's due in March are more likely seen as a means of filling the gaps that the F100's can't get into.

As for GNSS, I believe an in country survey is currently being undertaken on behalf of PX, but actual implementation is still seen as two or three years down the track.

The other rumour circulating at this time is that Boeing are offering a new leased 767 on favourable terms as a stopgap due to the 787 delivery now being pushed back to 2014.

Waghi Warrior
28th Nov 2009, 08:37
The F100's might as well be dead and dropped in the harbour. We should rename them the hangar queens or call them Beech 1900s ! One would look great planted on top of the South Pacific Aero Club or the Crowne Plaza. We could even get a full nose section with the cockpit and put it in 215 for guys to reflect on days gone by with a few brown bottles at hand !

If the F100's don't end up with GNSS gear I can't see them being a long term machine given the state of the ground based navaids in PNG,ie like the Madang VOR/DME being servicable !

29th Nov 2009, 02:28
If the F100s are hangar queens it only reflects on the quality of maintenance at PX.

29th Nov 2009, 23:01
I think you'll find that the quality of PX maintenance has not decreased significantly on the hangar floor but the priorities have changed. During 2004 / 2005 when a clear operating profit was declared; the technical spares calculations and provisioning and the component overhaul contracts were driven and maintained by engineering; and overall despatch reliability increased as a result.

Since the 2006 management changes (particularly at the executive level), PX engineering and supply departments are now micro-managed by accountants who have little aviation based experience or background and who base their priorities on parameters that are not operationally logical but sound good in the boardroom.

30th Nov 2009, 08:24
NDVP, you just described every airline ever! :D

Duck Pilot
22nd Apr 2010, 09:02
All a bit quite on the Air Niugini front what's the latest, are they still hiring and have the new Dash 8 s arrived yet ?

24th Apr 2010, 11:57
Certainly the Fokkers have a life left and they will be at PX for anouther 5 years. These aircraft are suffering from a lack of spares mostly, but overall they all fly 5 cycles a day all year long.

The Dash 8 Q400 is a capable machine that if employeed properly will serve Air Niugini well.
Qantas will soon be into POM with their service so the timely arrival of two newer PX machines looks good.

Management at PX is not good and has not improved much in recent years. They are buying aircraft but effficiency is not improving, I think a change is over due but there are risks involved.

25th Apr 2010, 07:59
Management at PX is not good and has not improved much in recent years.

Yes it did, I left:ok:


1st May 2010, 23:08
Numerous managers departed in the last week, including the engineering bloke.
Looks like a melt down.

Duck Pilot
2nd May 2010, 23:06
Shed some light for everyone to know, no names though !

Engineering manager ? Canadian by any chance ?

Who else because the place really needs a good fire sale ? And that's an understatement.

3rd May 2010, 01:02
A little research this morning reveals that the Canadian is in fact gone. Engineering is temporarily in the hands of the Tech Services manager.

The only other change at this time appears to be the reinstatement to Supply Manager of a Sri Lankan / Singaporean gentleman who was there initially but moved sideways to Commercial about 12 months ago.

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