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16th Oct 2008, 02:28
Just posted by Australia's ABC

Emergency landing at Perth Airport - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/10/16/2392887.htm)

Apparently, cabin filled with smoke but safe return to Oz. :D

16th Oct 2008, 07:12
I found the article from ninemsn (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=648061) slightly amusing.

"He said he was thinking about the Qantas flight last week, in which 70 passengers were injured when a Perth-bound aircraft plunged hundreds of feet, and that other passengers may have had similar thoughts."

And "Air" Emirates?? Get it right.

16th Oct 2008, 07:23
Geez, 2.5 hours and they were 'just about to cross the coast'.... for all the conspiracy theorists out there, wouldn't that put them up near Learmonth??? :E

I love how pax say crew were 'running around the plane'. Well if the smell was, in fact, burning and strong, I think I'd want the crew to be doing something about it instead of continuing on as normal. I highly doubt crew would 'run'.... 'rush'maybe... but not run...

16th Oct 2008, 07:37
Saw an article about it, Captian was calm, decided "not to risk it", turned back, passengers all happy.... flying out tonight...

Channel 10 gave this story around 3 minutes or so...:ok:

Were it QF well theres a good half hour...:ugh:

Dream Buster
16th Oct 2008, 08:32
Fume events have in the past caused serious ill health in both aircrew and passengers.

A Health Protocol (http://www.ohrca.org/Medicalprotocol080808.pdf)has recently been published to assist anybody who has been exposed to neurotoxic chemicals in flight.

Good luck.

DB :ok:

16th Oct 2008, 10:23
The **** load factor's a bigger story.

16th Oct 2008, 11:59
And why is that Harrogate? Do you have access to Emirate's yield management system?

16th Oct 2008, 12:11

I mean no.

Capn Bloggs
16th Oct 2008, 12:12
Unless the 121 pax OB were all in Biz or First, would any amount of yield management come up with a profit on that one?

16th Oct 2008, 12:53
And Cargo carried ?

And Pax / Cargo on the inbound flight ?

All these are relevent to yield for a particular route.

16th Oct 2008, 13:10
CX A330 aircraft often deny boarding to 10-12 pax due weight problems out of Brisbane to Hong Kong flights to protect fresh seafood cargo, which generates a higher revenue than pax; even taking denied boarding compensation into the equation. Not so good for staff travel where no compensation is offered or paid.

16th Oct 2008, 14:10
Never mind seafood, you can get bumped off for a mango on that route.

16th Oct 2008, 21:00
This ac has a history of smoke/fumes in cabin over last month

White Knight
17th Oct 2008, 11:55
First we've heard of that Jakedog....

Harrogate - load factors are always down at this time of the year between PER-DXB, so no story!!:ugh:

17th Oct 2008, 16:46
Is that the Royal 'We' White Knght.

I can assure you that there are a couple of the 345s with the fumes snag. May be familiar with your background. Lets hope it gets sorted.