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12th Oct 2008, 19:32
Can anyone tell me why in both strategies for single engine driftdown, the procedure tells you to set THR LEVERS MCT and A/THR OFF?

Why is it important that the elevators control the speed during the descent?

And are there some cases where you won't want to turn the A/THR off?

Appreciate any answers to the above,


13th Oct 2008, 02:56
DURING THE DRIFT DOWN....would you want the live engine to be at idle pwr or max power...any a/c ....?
Am sure when you answer that, you wold have answered your question:)

Tight Slot
13th Oct 2008, 04:50
Gearpins - A320 does say that? The A330 would never say such a thing. Good old boy :=:O love me FCOMS me

Henry VIII
13th Oct 2008, 11:21
FCOM 3.06.40, SE ops, Obstacle Strategy.

"In order to maintain the highest possible level, the drift down procedure must be adopted.
This requires maximum continuous thrust on the remaining engine at green dot speed."

Same reason for standard strategy. As shallower you descent as longer the covered distance.

13th Oct 2008, 20:09
Here's the important bit - for the descent you will use Open Descent mode (= M/IAS hold). The matching A/THR mode is THR IDLE, and you don't want that. So MCT and A/THR off sets the remaining engine thrust where you want it.

13th Oct 2008, 21:53
hi all,

the elevator will control the descent by maintaining the airspeed.

you might have to re-engage the auto thrust as you get closer to the drift down altitude. (when v/s less that 500ft/min re-engage auto thrust).