View Full Version : Gandalf Airlines is about to sink?!

Obi Wan Kirk
7th Jul 2001, 22:28
After the President & Founder, Luciano Di Fazio was removed from his position last week things have began to deteriorate.

4 Pilots and 10 flight attendants were fired this week and another 8 pilots will follow next week. Together with them about 25 employees have also lost their jobs. Why? Well after just over 2 years of operations the passenger loads are still very low ( around 40% average load factor). The company has really invested in publicity and now rumours are it will dissappears within a few months.

Fortunately there is a lot about to happen on the Italian market with Hapag-Lloyd
and Alpitour staring up an airline together and Air Italy with there B767 operation from Brescia.

Gandalf crews don't worry you'll find another job soon!

8th Jul 2001, 11:39
Do you have some more detailed information about Hapag/Alpitour and Air Italy ??

Obi Wan Kirk
11th Jul 2001, 14:48
Gandalf Airlines shares are skyrocketing on the Italian Nuovo Mercato! Rumours are someone is trying to lift the airline out of the water and turn it into a low cost carrier or charter operation...

Air Italy Flight Ops Dept is in the hands of Mr Rusconi, Capt Senesi & Capt Garbagna (all former Minerva big wigs). The base is in Brescia and they will start operations with two B767s in November. There are 20 entrepreneurs from the Brescia area behind the operation. Most of the instructors will be former Air Europe Italy.

As far as Hapag-Lloyd Italy rumour is the base will be Bergamo with 8 B737-800s doing charter work to Canaries, Sharm-el-Sheik, Zanzibar, etc. Operations should start in March 2002. Who knows they may buy the Gandalf AOC!!