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7th Jul 2001, 19:26
In answer to Rockwell's comments vis-a-vis Canada-MAN connections. There are sixteen sched flights a day from Canada to the UK, fourteen of which land at LHR, one at Glasgow and one at Manchester. The Manchester flight operates none stop, independant, for sixteen weeks of the year and through Glasgow the rest of the year. It is a one class service. This none stop service is due to be reduced to twelve weeks for next year (according to our bid blocks). Air Canada considers this route as a "mother & daughter" route, meaning, it is primaraly pax on family visits as oposed to independent tourists. This source of passengers is bound to diminish due to Canada's emmigration policies since the late sixties early seventies. Very few Britons emigrated to Canada after 1975.

As for the comments by others of Toronto not getting the 2008 Olympic Games, they could be right. However Toronto is considered second only to Beijing in the running, whereas Manchester, in their bid to host the 2004 Games, was discounted from the start. Another fact not generally known in Briton is that the reason Manchester was succesful in it's bid to host the Commonwealth Games is that no other Commonwealth City bid for them. A lot of other Commonwealth locations, including number of Canadian cities were approached to host the games, which included Hamilton, Windsor and Ottawa Ontario, Saskatoon (Saskabush) Saskatchewan and Halifax Nova Scotia, all of which declined the offer. So being the winner in a one horse race can't be considered a fair competion now, can it? :D

7th Jul 2001, 20:59
Canada 3000 operate scheduled services to Manchester from Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

8th Jul 2001, 00:07
No Stagger

C3K is not a IATA sched carrier. Yet! :p

8th Jul 2001, 02:48
Sorry, I was under the impression that they already did have scheduled carrier status.

Is it expected soon though?

8th Jul 2001, 03:20
They do indeed have "Scheduled Carrier" status but according to the IATA site, they have yet to join IATA :)

8th Jul 2001, 04:26
Virgin Atlantic and Canada3000 both fly from Gatwick to Toronto.

:confused: by the Ubb code thingy....

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8th Jul 2001, 11:50
Onan, what is your problem with Manchester UK? I have obviously missed something in your previous postings but I seem to get the impression that you have been deeply effected by some event in my city, (which incidently is now the most visited city in the UK after London and Edinburgh)I agree that like all major conurbations there are problem areas but your attitude towards the city is both blinkered and childish.

How can you state that the UK public generally dont know that the Commonwealth 2002 was a one horse race? do you have your finger on the pulse of all 60 million residents?.

50% of my family live in Toronto and I have visited on many occasions. I could hurl many negative observations about the place but I wont stoop to your level.

If TORONTO is lucky enough(or rich enough to bribe the olympic commitee)to get the games, then I hope they do a better job than the previous effort that Montreal is still paying for!!

Finally to any other readers out there Manchester is a great place to visit, but dont expect a mini London. The city has a capitalised on a booming demand for entertainment and housing and at the same time preserving its industrial heritage. In true MANC speak the place is "Buzzin".

Scottie Dog
8th Jul 2001, 15:22
Unfortunately Onan has shown a lot of anti-Manchester opinion in many of his previous posts, but ervyoe is entitled to their own opinion - are they not!

Both Air 3000 and Air Transat operate scheduled services from the UK to Canada. One does not have to be a member of IATA to have the right to oeprate a scheduled service. They offer a fully bookable facility in the same way as many of the other carriers. In fact in many ways they are superior that some IATA carriers.

Long may they continue to prosper.

Out of interst, AC do only give a one-class service from the UK airports, and this is a big 'negative point' when trying to sell to a business man.

Scottie Dog :confused:

8th Jul 2001, 16:04
I think it's only on the Manchester/Glasgow routes that AC just offer one class.

On these routes the 767s are configured for two-classes and you can book the big seats - it's known as "Super Comfort Class" - business class seating with the economy cabin service.

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8th Jul 2001, 18:15
MAN-YYZ saw a 8.97% increase to 190,436 passengers last year and the first three months this year saw an increase of 6.78% to 22,907 passengers.

Info taken from Airport/airline news for Northwest England (http://fly.to/northwest-spotters)

Scottie Dog
8th Jul 2001, 22:33

When I saw the stats I thought it could only be one person.

Always glad to see that figures are on the up. And yes, you are quite right, I seem to recall that Super Comfort utilises old First class seats of domestic equipment, thus giving a type of superior accomodation - available to all who pay full Y/Y2 fares.


Scottie Dog

9th Jul 2001, 00:33
Indeed guys, BMI look set to take over the Toronto routes from MAN, GLA & most importantly, LHR thus giving them their first indent on the transatlantic crossing from LHR. this will be operated using the A330 and passengers will be offered a 3 class service as per the new BMI config. Timings are unclear although from what I've read, seem to suggest Q3 or early Q4 2002.

Incidentally, I am flying Can3000 from Glasgow to Halifax next month and from what I've heard they are a very capable airline despite the "Charter Airline" tag constantly held over them.....For an charter airline to offer a 32" pitch on a one service flight seems to suugest that they aim to hold onto their passengers......unlike some well known scheduled airlines.......


9th Jul 2001, 00:45

My distaste for most things Manchester is well documented and needs no further elaboration. As to hurling negative observations about Toronto (where 50% of your family live) is your entitlement and may give us residents an opportunity of rectifying any of those problems that you might bring to light. So please feel free to criticize.

As for those Britons who don't know that Manchester was the only bidder for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, it was most people I spoke with, but that was really only a sarcastic reply to the sarcastic reference to Toronto's (realistic) bid for the 2008 Olympic Games. Also, if Manchester doesn't have the wherewithall to host the Olympics, whether rich enough or otherwise (as you infered, dishonest enough) why did they bid? And do you think that Toronto needs to bribe the Olympic Committee? This is one of the reasons I have a dislike for Mancunians, they always seem to throw inuendos of wrongdoing by others, without furnishing proof of same. And yes Montreal is still paying for their games and I expect Toronto will, if selected, be paying for generations to come, but we do have a realistic chance of staging them.

And boy are you ever correct, Manchester is no "mini London" and after 2200 hrs it isn't even a mega Timmins. :D

"Manchester is an airport with a city attached"
(from 'Notes from a Small Island' by Bill Bryson) :D :D :D :D :D

9th Jul 2001, 01:33

Sir Michael is on record, and made it very clear, as saying that any bmi transatlantic routes out of Scotland would utilise Edinburgh and not Glasgow, as Edinburgh has a larger business catchment.


9th Jul 2001, 01:36
shac150 - C3000 are pretty good but comfort levels vary considerably across their fleet. Across the atlantic A330s :) , 757s :( , recently acquired Royal A310s :eek: (3-3-3!!!)