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BITE System
5th Oct 2008, 14:54

Does anyone work for an operator who’s MEL has provisions for an individual brake fan to be inoperative, I mean, that if one of the eight fans is inoperative you can still operate the brake fan system? At our operation we must assume that the system is inoperative if one fan is not working.

Henry VIII
6th Oct 2008, 00:28
Airbus MMEL considers the entire brake fan sys only, not a single fan. As per MMEL 32-48-01.

6th Oct 2008, 08:44
Henry 8...Which thinking about it is the right way to do it? What point in cooling seven brakes to make them cool enough for aircraft dispatch and having one red hot?....not a lot.

6th Oct 2008, 09:50
I presume that to depart, all brake temps would have to be below the max specified. If 7 brake fans were operative then 7 wheels would have loads of capacity for any RTO as they are very cool with the eighth being at design limits, compared with the situation where all 8 wheels were already hot and at the design limits. I know what I would want, but then again I'm not an A330 driver!

But thats purely theoretical. I have no idea (obviously) when the MEL says!

Henry VIII
6th Oct 2008, 09:57
spannersatKL, I didn't produce MMEL, but those seem to agree with your scenario. In case of 7 brake fans working and one not the sys has to be considered out of service and dispatchable within MMEL.

Cough, there are two different brakes temperature limitation before take off depending if the brake fans are running or not.

BITE System
6th Oct 2008, 16:14
Thanks for the replies.

The reason I ask is often arriving at the aircraft, the brake fans will be inoperative (1 brake fan inoperative) with a yellow sticker on the overhead panel, but the engineers will have the fans operating saying they have disconnected the fan that is not working. If it is written up then it should not be used as I understand, but if there were provisions for one fan to be inoperative then you could cool the other brake and still take off provided the brake with the inoperative fan was below your company limits.

This would save paying for an air conditioning machine to cool the brakes.