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3rd Oct 2008, 07:36
Seems quite a factual article in the Bangkok Post, not sensational.

A Boeing 747-400 jetliner of Taiwan's major carrier China Airlines was hit by severe air turbulence in Thai airspace as it approached Bangkok from Hong Kong Thursday, resulting in the injury of 21 people, the airlines said.

"Flight CI 641 arrived in Bangkok safely, and the injured, including, five crew members and 16 passengers, received hospital treatment," the airline said in a news statement.

In all, 147 passengers and 18 crew members were on board the plane when the turbulence occurred without warning in Thai airspace, the airline said.

The airline did not describe the conditions of the injured, but state media Central News Agency said two of the 21 injured were bleeding from head wounds.

The airline stressed the aircraft was unharmed.
It was the second turbulence incident for China Airlines in two weeks. On Sept, 20 a China Airlines flight experienced turbulence shortly before it landed on the Indonesian island of Bali, resulting in the injury of 30 people abroad the plane.

Some of the readers comments are less so....

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