View Full Version : Metroliner near miss at EGMC

30th Sep 2008, 15:27
German registered metroliner went cross country at the end of landing run at Southend today at around 16.00 local. Landing 24 with slight cross wind although gusting 15-20kts. managed a nice right hand handbrake turn across the grass and lined up at Delta. Tonka toys deployed but flight crew kept engines running and then taxied to the main apron.:D

30th Sep 2008, 15:31
So what did it nearly miss/hit ?

30th Sep 2008, 15:40
sounds like they nearly hit the runway and also nearly missed the grass!

30th Sep 2008, 15:41
The Delta hold barriers.

30th Sep 2008, 15:48
What no heroic pilots fighting the controls to narrowly miss a hospital or school?

Give Sky News a few mins I'm sure they will have the true! story

Foxy Loxy
30th Sep 2008, 15:51
There is a church close to Delta..... I'm sure that would suffice!

Doors to Automatic
30th Sep 2008, 16:00
What happened? Did they land long?

girt big un
30th Sep 2008, 20:16
was watching Ford departure from viscount house and saw him come in a little high over threshold of 24 and he landed quite long approx cross section . did not see what happend in the end as no view over hangars but he was led in to northern apron by fire truck closly followed by another . he was marshalled on to stand next to another of his company metros .

wind at time was straight down the rwy i think . ( wind sock)

Red Top Comanche
30th Sep 2008, 22:18
Sounds like Tesco's nearly had a new item on their shelves to sell out discount.

Does a metro liner have a best before date date??

1st Oct 2008, 02:23
Yes, December 31 2030.

1st Oct 2008, 07:32
Just a sober comment from someone (me!) who has 3000 hours in Metros:

The nosewheel steering system is notorious for sporadic faults. There's a whole history of "Lawn Darts" veering off runways even in calm conditions.

So, let's not be too quick to hang the crew on this one.

4th Oct 2008, 22:31
"Lawn Darts"? :confused: I only knew them by the "San Antonio sewer pipe" :ok:

5th Oct 2008, 00:57
The nosewheel steering system is notorious for sporadic faults. There's a whole history of "Lawn Darts" veering off runways even in calm conditions.

Indeed so...in fact, not all that long ago at KHHR, one turned abruptly hard right on takeoff, and buried its nose into a hangar full of airplanes.
It was not a pretty picture....:\

5th Oct 2008, 05:26
loads of time on type as well..when the nws steering had an electrical fault (flashing green light) iit was simple..turn the system off and free-castoring steering was available..the headaches begin when there are faults in the arming valve(hydraulic side of things..yellow light) and un commanded steering could occur..which required immediate press and hold of the nws button on the left power lever ( if the speed/rpm levers were off of the "low" position). In the hydraulic arming valve malfunction scenario, the pilot had no choice but to use the steering with arming valve faults, since the ability to remove hydraulic pressure from the system was lost..this was very well documented in appropriate manuals and procedures...I would suspect the crew experience/training levels of the crews may be a factor in many of these incidents, not implying it was the case in this incident referred to on this thread