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26th Sep 2008, 16:56
Finnish newspaper (http://www.uusisuomi.fi/kotimaa/36199-lentokoneen-suihkumoottori-oli-imaista-miehen) has a brief report about a newly-employed ground worker being sucked into a running motor engine at HEL on Tuesday. Fortunately the employee was able to hold on just about to avoid death. The news was in today's media so maybe some other articles will give more information.

26th Sep 2008, 18:36
According to reports, an orange/yellow plastic tipcone and the worker´s earphones were sucked into the engine of OH-LEK, a Finnair E-170, but fortunately the pilots were in the process of shutting the engine down at the time, so the worker managed to hold on and keep himself from going in the same way... A/c had to have repairs done.
Another report, in Finnish only, with a pic, though not the same a/c:

Lentokoneen moottori imaisi miehen | Uutiset | Iltalehti.fi (http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/200809268328194_uu.shtml)

26th Sep 2008, 18:46
Thank you for the greater report.