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20th Sep 2008, 02:11
Can any one confirm this? Can Screw Scheduleing track CASS???


Hello everyone, there was an incident here at that we would like everyone to be aware of.

There was a certain pilot that was on DTW reserve, even though that certain pilot lives in PHL. Our afternoon flight went out of DTW with no issues, and the pilot didn't think he would be called, so jumpseated back home to PHL on Northwest.

When the flight landed in PHL, there were many messages from scheduling. The pilot called scheduling and told them that he was at the movies and she said, "no you weren't, you were on NWA flight 1776 and you just landed. You have a reserve assignment for tomorrow." So I accepted the reserve assignment and thought the issue was over.

I went home and that certain scheduler wrote me up saying I was unavailable on reserve. I want everyone to make sure it doesn't happen to them.

I didn't know a scheduler could track our movement via CASS. Our union officials are working with the company to figure out if this practice can be stopped, but for now assume they know where you are at all times!

20th Sep 2008, 04:02
Yes it is true. Big Brother is watching.

20th Sep 2008, 04:33
An airline can always confirm who you are and your employment by actually speaking to someone from your company.

20th Sep 2008, 06:32
YES- your airline management (& crew schedule) CAN (and does) track pilots through the CASS queries. At AA, we had a Captain jumpseat on Alaska from Portland to San Jose. and there was an Alaska agent that was looking for him. Sent him to the wingtip of their aircraft where there was an AA vehicle/ramp-type supervisor telling him about a reassignment for an earlier flight that was loaded and waiting on a Captain (him). We've had other pilots had crew schedulers "mention" their commute flight to base - on Flt # xyz on airline abc.

Everytime you jumpseat on a CASS airline, the agent plugs your employee # into their computer and sees your data/picture, and that (and this is what REALLY pisses me off) "you are authorized" to jumpseat. The FARs actually authorize us to OAL jumpseat (in the cabin, post 9/11), but management's potential negative input into CASS can have an agent turn you away.

What is potentially disturbing about this is twofold.

First, if one of your pass travelers (family, etc...) that rides on your travel "privileges" has an incident with an agent- if that incident gets 'out of hand', you could (at AA, at least- others I would think too) lose YOUR travel/jumpseat ability when management makes a negative input into your CASS record, saying you're NOT authorized. This could be devastating for a commuting pilot that relies on OAL carriers to get to/from work.

Second, is the strike situation- where pilots are attempting to get back to their homes. Anybody think the striking pilot's management will leave CASS authorizations intact? I don't think so.

Guys, I believe that CASS access is NOT required when sitting in the cabin. BUT, many airlines REQUIRE that their agents to do the CASS query for EVERY OAL pilot. They have no clue (I've asked some) about this tracking capability of your management.

Guys, it's NOT "all" about security. It's ALL about control.
I highly urge every US employed pilot to contact your union's national jumpseat coordinator/committeemen regarding the above issues.

They ARE watching. :=