View Full Version : Do you fall into the profile: Air Accident Checklist (read before making posts here)

14th Sep 2008, 06:32
I have been reading Rumours & News over the past few days and now, on the verge of self-harm, have decided to put together some guidelines for the muppets among us.


And please don't post me any drivel about people just being concerned. You can use your neighbour's fence or the cashier at Tesco for that.

(Endorsed by PPRuNe Mod Management)
Far too many posters seem to think that anything with the mention of "air" in it is therefore a candidate for posting in this "pilots" forum. Rehashed press releases or articles about airlines or airports should go in the appropriate forum where those with an inclination to become moist about these things can let everyone else know they are enthusiasts and explain how they think it should be done with their breathless nuggets of advice and insight. :rolleyes:

15th Sep 2008, 11:22
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