View Full Version : Airline removes life vests to save fuel

31st Aug 2008, 19:52
Air Canada's regional carrier Jazz has removed inflatable life vests from its planes to save weight, a spokeswoman said.

The airline carries both floatation devices (seat cushions) and life vests, and the "Transportation Canada regulation stipulates only one means of floatation is required when we're operating flights within 50 nautical miles from shore," Manon Stuart said .

Life vests for babies have not been removed, she added. Moreover, the airline has adjusted some routes so that the planes remain within the 50-mile (about 90-kilometre) government limit.


31st Aug 2008, 20:01
discussed a few days ago...

31st Aug 2008, 20:13
Better to remove 2 rows of seats and keep the life vests. They will remove much more weight by removing 2 rows of seats, and give pax more comfortable leg room. :ok:

The life vests' weight is much less than 2 rows of seats.

Since I already bring my own food and my own pillow, I'm willing to also bring my own life vest. :ok: