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31st Aug 2008, 13:31

A bit confusing, ConViasa does not have 747 - unless ACMI ops. Anyone knows better ?


31st Aug 2008, 13:44
Now confirmed as 737-200 of ConViasa. Ferry flight, 2 crews only. Went down 20 km N of airport.

Changed thread title.


31st Aug 2008, 15:46
By whom? Anyone in authority?

Looks like angry voice here. Anyway, info from Venezuelan SAR.

2nd Sep 2008, 10:50
September 1, 2008

A Venezuela cargo plane crashed in Ecuador's central Andes mountains shortly before it was to land, killing the three crew members on board, officials say.
The Boeing 737-200, operated by state-owned Venezuelan carrier Conviasa, lost contact with air traffic controllers five minutes before it was to land in the town of Latacunga, where it was scheduled to undergo maintenance, Ecuador's Civil Aviation Director General Jorge Zurita told reporters.
Zurita said the plane reported that it had begun preparing for descent and then lost contact with the control tower.
The wreckage with the bodies of the two Venezuelan pilots and a mechanic were found in a remote area 35km from Latacunga, said Diego Valencia, Red Cross chief in Quito.
Venezuelan Civil Protection director Luis Diaz said the plane with three Venezuelan crew members was "empty to receive maintenance."
It took off from Maiquetia, home to Venezuela's main international airport, en route to Latacunga, located about 90km south of Quito.
The cause of the crash has not been determined.
Weather was clear for the flight, Zurita said.
2008 AP (http://news.smh.com.au/action/displayCopyrightNotice?sourceOrganisation=AP)

Accident details: ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 737-291 YV102T Toacaso (http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20080830-0)

3rd Sep 2008, 09:57
Aircraft reportedly was executing Descent 4, called tower to report procedure turn... then no further contact.

Site of impact (x marks the spot) reported as Lat 0.673085 S, Lon 78.7343 W, which is at ~13,200 feet and 16+ DME from LTV on the flanks of Illiniza Sur (17,220 ft), just west across the valley from Cotopaxi (19,400 ft).

Shades of Atlasjet @ Isparta?


3rd Sep 2008, 10:00




2nd Jun 2010, 15:23
Aviation Herald has the link to the final report here:

Crash: Conviasa B732 near Latacunga on Aug 31st 2008, lost radio contact (http://avherald.com/h?article=40c0093f/0002&opt=0)

Report is in Spanish (and scanned in so 48MB in size) but AH has an overall synopsis (not sure the source of the translation).

"Non compliance of the crew with requirements regarding aircraft configuration, speed and bank angles to carry out the initial turn of Latacunga's instrument approach procedure number 4 as published. That failure placed the airplane outside the protected area leading to collision with high elevation mountaineous terrain.

Contributing was ignorance by the crew during the approach and the lack of documentation governing non-scheduled (special) flights."

2nd Jun 2010, 23:59
Children of the magenta line!

But, but, but...

3rd Jun 2010, 00:47
Children of the magenta line!

But, but, but...

737-200? Does it even have a magenta line?

Maybe you're just condemning a dead pilot because of his age . . .

3rd Jun 2010, 09:26
737-200? Does it even have a magenta line?

Maybe you're just condemning a dead pilot because of his age . . .

You are absolutely right, no magenta line in this aircraft. So how did he manage to crash? If you read the Tripoli and AIX treads, they are full of "todays pilots can't fly, we are children of the magenta, we have no flying skills, etc, etc.
This was a steam gage aircraft, but still they flew it into the ground.

Accidents happened long before EFIS showed up, and even before the auto pilot was invented.

3rd Jun 2010, 10:53
BA had a close call in ADD once because the roof of the VOR shack was leaking, the signal was distorted, and the selftest (damaged by water itself) did not kick in...They had a second VOR at ADD then to x-check - saved their lives.
With only 1 VOR: No chance w/o GPS!