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23rd Aug 2008, 15:18
Q) Lsas/qmrlc/iv/nbo/a/000/999/4614n00607e005
From: 08/08/23 13:35 To: 08/08/23 21:00 Est

E) Concrete Rwy 05/23 Clsd Due To Acft Obstruction

23rd Aug 2008, 15:53
Oops - bad news on such a busy end of holidays WE.

Any news about what happened ?

23rd Aug 2008, 16:59
Heard a swiss on 121.5 been vectored for an app today. did'nt catch what airport it was but he said he was evacuating on landing.

23rd Aug 2008, 17:32
Swiss news agency reports it as a bomb threat to the flight from ZRH to AGP. Apparently the threat was serious enough to warrant an immediate landing and then a rapid evacuation of the aircraft.
The Aircraft was then towed away from the RWY, and bomb disposal waited until 17h30 (the scheduled arrival in AGP) to examine the aircraft.
Passengers have been rebooked on other flights to AGP, although all luggage will be thoroughly screened first.
Good job to the pax evacuating a A320 without injuries :ok:

Edited to add:

This is the link (German)
Bombendrohung: Swiss-Maschine muss notlanden - Schweiz - Tagesanzeiger (http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/schweiz/Bombendrohung-SwissMaschine-muss-notlanden/story/15498789)

and it was an A321, not A320.

Guy D'ageradar
23rd Aug 2008, 18:45
Apparently they all got out in 45s - not bad. Arrived after though, so not sure about pob.

Alls well......:ok:

24th Aug 2008, 16:30
was flying over at the time talking to Paris - at least 2 EZY's had to divert to Lyon - sounded mighty peed off! Nice way to spend a bank holiday!

25th Aug 2008, 17:27
Swiss media reports that a 42 year old spanish citizen had been arrested in Malaga and he confessed the bogus bomb threat.

29th Aug 2008, 22:36
I landed after a short IFR flight with a club plane there. When I left the club-house, the 320 was still on the runway. Passengers were already off, slides still on.

Photos of Swiss Airbus Emegrency Landing because of bomb threat (http://www.plasticpilot.net/blog/2008/08/24/photos-of-swiss-airbus-emegrency-landing-because-of-bomb-threat/)